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Saturday, 2 November 2019

The Wretched Ancestral Palace By Femi Johnson | 360LIFE BLOG

FEMI Johnson

The Wretched Ancestral Palace
By Femi Johnson 

A new day has broken out
It's dawn, but darkness still looms
One could sight a spark of light in any room
Loud and clear I heard the cock crow
Tick-tack, the clock sounds recurrently
All these I perceived apparently

From my bed space
I gazed through the window
Barely everything stood still
Even the breeze was just as a hill
All I felt was my heart beat
And i wondered, what could this be?

I fizzled, knowing well that today
Was just going to be like the others
Does it even have anything to offer?
I'm on my feet but my mind have traveled far
I was lost in my own thought
And I struggled to make it back

Has the day paused from breaking?
Was the breeze on a break?
I was blank like a new slate
Oh! My prospects were bleak
Weakly, I dashed out a heavy sigh
And I set out to go about my daily trend

To the cradle of Nigeria I thread
In search of my daily bread
It's not too strange a land
As it has few turns and bends
The land was quite a rich one
Yet, on daily basis her people strive

Therein, only the leaders thrive
What's the essence of a royal title
Without using right, the mantle
The means of survival seems like a battle
Twenty eight years of existence
Yet, her economy is like a soap's bubble

At the dawn of my first night
I woke up to a resounding warlike chant
Thus, the change you promised us
Remember, it doesn't make us marvel
Now you're wooing us with next level
With this, we hope not to struggle for morsels

You demand that we do more with you
The diet you promised us, is it really true?
With you, is the future of our seedlings secured?
Not again! We can't watch them wither undue
For we hope on them to lead us to the brook
Since the river you promised is but a mirage.

Other kingdoms grow and we watch amused
But all we want is for our kingdom to be built
And to have her stately glory renewed
Power they say belongs to the people
But we're as helpless as a prey to the lion
And we keep hoping that one day we get to Zion.

About The Author
Femi Johnson hails from Kabba, he's an Event Planner/Decorator and a graduate of Computer Science from the Prestigious Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja.

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