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Saturday, 9 November 2019


The law of Association


 _Do you know you are just one person away from achieving your goals, plans, purpose?_

_How many of us have struggled to reach something only for it to be handed to us by someone without much struggle?_

 Most of the times we go through a lot of hard work trying to achieve different milestones in our life, yet some of these milestones would have been achieved with ease if we had the right person in our life at that time.

 However, we are yet to learn how to be intentional/purposeful about the people we meet daily in our lives.
I am telling you today that, the opportunity you are desperately looking for is in the hands of that young lady or that young man that you didn't notice or you didn't greet or you didn't engage in a conversation or you sat close to in the bus.

 Most of us have unintentionally, unconsciously burnt bridges that would have connected us to great opportunities because we are oblivious to the people times and seasons brought to our lives, yet we continue to pray to God to give us that job, that money, that breakthrough.

A lot of young people don't know how to keep associations because they do not realize that some time in the future the person they met today could be the access they need to achieve their goals.

Can I tell you something?

You need to start paying attention to the little details, they will change your life faster than you can ever imagine.
You need to stop being so set in your ways.
Some of us expect our success and breakthrough to Happen in a certain way and we become frustrated if it doesn't happen. We forget that, the answers we seek are closer than we think

Right Associations matter

You must learn to discern who is meant to be in your life per time, who is meant to be in your future, who you need to keep close and who you need to walk away from.

Some of you who are looking for jobs, all you need to do could be to just offer a little selfless service to someone, initiate an intelligent conversation, offer a solid advice, give something of value (not money) and later in the future you will realize that the singular act paved way for you.
 I learned how to be intentional with whomever I meet and it has helped me a lot.
I don't write people off easily. I check and weigh to Know what and why the person is in my life at that time.

Out of association, I have had ease in so many things I do because I honor associations. People remember the little things.

I am not telling you to scheme your way into people's lives, I am saying you should be perceptive and discerning.

A lot of young people act so entitled these days that it's disturbing. Some young people expect things to just fall into their laps and when it doesn't work out that way, they grumble and blame every other person apart from themselves.

Today, I need you to bear in mind always that there is the *law of Association*
that breaks protocols and reduces the hard work.

 *How do you practice this law of Association?*

* Learn to be pleasant to whomever, whenever and wherever.

* Learn to show honor respectfully.

* Remember that whatever challenge you are experiencing, someone else is going through worse so remove that chip on your shoulders.

* Always have the mind of "how can you offer value to the next person". Stop thinking of taking all the time, start thinking of how you can give your time, Service, advice...

*Learn to observe. A lot of us are so oblivious. Listen to what your environment is not literally saying.

* You want to be successful right? Stop trying to squeeze yourself in the road most people are traveling. To be a success, you must model other people's success methods while you figure out what works for you.

* You don't have to be friends with everyone but you must learn how to be cordial and communicate respectfully no matter the situation.

*Always have in mind that it doesn't always end in that moment, so watch your words and actions with people. You could be talking to your future boss without knowing.

*Remember, right Association matter more than money.

*Right Association will get you where your hard work and money will never get you.

*Read. Read. Read. You will learn a lot from the likes of John Maxwell, Mike Murdock.

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