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Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Education versus Schooling | Damilola EYIOWUAWI | 360Life Blog

Education VS Schooling... EDUCATION as a means to achieving purpose.

Hey Leaders!!!,

Are you aware that the path to success is not just about reading books (schooling) but applying such reading to our daily lives (Education)?
Let's journey together on this path of discovering purpose dearies.

Schooling is a form of Education in which you are taught to read and write...

Education, itself entails acquiring knowledge in every aspects of Life socially, morally, financially , spiritually, academically(schooling ), mentally, time wise, maritally etc.
It saddens me at  heart that the community we find ourselves has limited Education to Schooling but I would be glad to inform you that there is more to that.

My people,if schooling is the way forward? Why do we have unemployed youths out there who are constituting nuisance to the community leading to increase in cyber crimes, sexual immoralities, armed robbery,kidnapping, etc?

Leaders of tomorrow ,the FUTURE starts today!!!  Do not despise little beginnings; Learn to complete simple tasks; LEARN...UNLEARN...RELEARN. In fact, BE TEACHABLE... GET EDUCATED.

Dearie, your Success in Life is determined by how much Education you've acquired. You would reaffirm it when you discover PHD holders ride bikes too. I am in no way making a fool of them but I wouldn't hide the fact that Education is beyond the four walls of a classroom; it is a journey to discovering YOU...YES YOU!

While impacting a set of pupils at a secondary school someone got to ask me; why are people without certificates having an upper hand in the society over the so called certified people? Well, this is a mystery I would love us to unravel. My reply was those people chose Education over Schooling...They saw opportunities then maximised it...They discovered potentials then utilized it...They discovered PURPOSE, then walked accordingly...

Before I go further,let's look into these examples;

Pastor Sam Adeyemi - A Nigerian Pastor , Author and Public Speaker...The Senior Pastor at Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos,Nigeria and President of Success Power International, an Non Governmental Organization that specialises in organizing Financial, Leadership and Motivational Seminars.

William Henry Gate -   An American Business Magnate, Investor,Author and Humanitarian... He is best known as the Principal Founder of Microsoft Corporation.

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg - An American technology , Entrepreneur and Philanthropist... He is known for co -  founding and leading Facebook as it's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

There are other great personnel's out there but this is just the mention of the few we are conversant with. They are of global relevance today because they didn't go in search of Money but in search of VALUES in terms of achieving GOALS that would generate LIFE TIME WEALTH for them.

They are called successful because they chose to know the CREATOR over the CREATION...GOALS over DREAMS...SUCCESS over FAILURES.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi when interviewed at the GLOBAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT 2019 said and I quote in summary that ; Success isn't measured by going to school, obtaining a degree,building houses,fleet of cars BUT by how well you could manage your 100%.

This implies how well you could LEVERAGE in all aspects of Life ;  Spiritually,Physically,Academically, Financially, Socially, Health-Wise etc.
Leaders! in your quest to get Educated, you tend to discover your BIG WHY OF EXISTENCE  which is termed PURPOSE.

Dearie's ,it would be a BIG SLAP on our faces if we  FAIL  to fulfill it:
JESUS CHRIST fulfilled IT.
PAUL fulfilled IT.
Azikiwe fulfilled IT.
Awolowo fulfilled IT.
Abiola fulfilled IT.
I WOULD fulfill IT.

Dearie,you should too since you came across this PIECE.

Live Intentionally... GROW UP...GET EDUCATED.

iam Oluwadamilola Eyiowuawi - THE GLOBAL INFLUENCER. 
#IMpacting LIVES.

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