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Friday, 4 October 2019


Not another bad date

Not another bad date!

For a while I went on dates so I could analyze the situation, have gist content and article content. My days of exploits and adventure. Chuckles!
I remember this particular date I'd been on while I was a serving *corper*
This guy had been disturbing me a lot to go out with him and I'd been "posting" him so I got bored one day and said we could go out. No harm in trying right? I wanted to see what he'd bring to the table.

All first dates usually herald the window period. It's a major determinant to whether a relationship will be birthed, a friend zoning or a no zoning.
On the fixed day of the date, my roommates had run into the room to tell me that Mr. X was already preparing o. He'd polished his shoes and his perfume had almost run out because of the date. Argh! I hope I wasn't putting anyone through undue pressure.
I "kuku" prepared and he called later to tell me he was ready.
We'd actually agreed that a friend of his would accompany us.
Not another bad date

 More like, he mentioned it fleetingly and I jumped at it and stuck to it because I was avoiding any official "asking out" situation. Yeah! Yeah!
I finally came out to meet my hosts for the afternoon and I was held spellbound.
There he was in all glory, dressed in a white long sleeved shirt, a billowy pink trousers(Aladdin standard) and a cream colored shoe (Mind you, it was a hot afternoon).
We began the long walk to the hang out spot he'd intended for us to go. I was getting tired so I wasn't chatty at all.

 Throughout the walk, I kept convening with my ancestors to fish out the particular ancestor that pushed me to be curious. I didn't say anything out loud because nobody is at fault. Nobody is perfect actually so it's fine.
We got to the hangout spot and the serving attendant came to take our orders. I told him to go ahead and make his order as I wasn't ready yet.
He ordered a plate of catfish pepper soup to be shared between him and his friend. That wasn't the deal breaker though, it was when he started bargaining for a lesser price that I knew I couldn't afford to order anything because;

I didn't want to put any strain on his seemingly slim pocket, I didn't want a washing plate scenario and embarrassment of any form, so I smiled sweetly and told him I didn't want anything save for a bottle of malt which my vex money could cover.
I watched both friends gobble down the plate of catfish pepper soup and I couldn't wait to just go back to my place.
When they were done, I watched him get into the relax mode in preparation for the "toasting proper". Don't even start!🙄🙄
Not another bad date

I remembered home training and began saying I needed to leave already amidst their cajoling to not be in a hurry.
We started the journey back and I was amused at how his friend pretended to catch another interest just so Mr. X could have a chance to talk to me in private. Lol🤭🤭
Being the mischievous person that I am, I was doing deaf and dumb things. Lol
As he was talking up, I was going downhill.
When I finally got to my room, I was greeted with rounds of raucous laughter from my roommates. God!🙈

They just dissected everything and were making fun of my suitor. Imagine!🙄
Anyways, I knew there wouldn't be a repeat of that date.
Sometimes, less is more. I know it still wouldn't have made any difference if we'd gone to a very fancy place. Remember I went out in the first place because I was bored.
There's just no road there💁🏽💁🏽

Hope you enjoyed my story? Have I lost my touch?😎😎


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