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Sunday, 14 April 2019


Life and Learning by Leke David

UNDERSTANDING FAILURE (an excerpt from the main book, Life and Learning by Leke David - available on Amazon)

This great chapter from LIFE AND LEARNING BY LEKE DAVID occupies an important position in this whole blog post, for the reasons that if its readers understand it fully well, it could mark a phenomenal turning point in their lives.

If It were true that strength grows out of resistance, sound character out of hardship and set back and temporary defeat which the contemporary society tags failure, then I count myself to have been extremely fortunate for being among the benefactors of Mr. Failure
Show me one man who is unwilling to; firstly, shake hands with failure, and achieves a monumental success.

“Every failure is a blessing in disguise, providingit teaches some needed lesson one could not have learned without it. Most so-called Failures are only temporary defeats.”- Napoleon Hill

In order that the topic of this discursion may be fully understood I cast the burden of distinguishing between failure, temporary defeat and success upon myself. As a man attempts climbing unto a greater height, failure is the greatest among many other obstacles such a man has to pass through.

Life and Learning by Leke David

 It’s failure that calls a man up to a different realm of scheming, reasoning and observation so as to enable him redirect his energy in a different pathway even at the verge of achieving similar result.
Without the slightest impulse of doubt we cannot in our own thinking develop illustration that will in the surest way explain failure unless we mix such illustration with the ingredient of success, for the reasons that behind every success once dwelled failure and on the door of every failure knocking an unforeseen success.

However, to enable me lay claims that I’ve discussed this subject in our understanding, we shall demystify the above philosophies in a different, clearer and simpler language.

Look, that unseen spirit which attaches itself with one man’s efforts, combined with first-class impossibilities, closing doors upon doors against the man’s endeavors and then prompts the same man to push forth for more doors, on and on, until the man, having considered his fruitless efforts, looked down on himself and candidly proclaimed. ‘Oh, concerning so and so dream, I’m tired of trying! I give up!’ that’s failure of the highest grade. 
Temporary defeat on the other hand coupled with the basis of sound reasoning, is an exceedingly remarkable occurrence which enables a man to persevere and persist in the face of hardship or failed attempt until whether he likes it or not, learn the lesson available for him to learn,(where on the contrary such lessons might not have been lent had it not been for the occurrence) and after the necessary lessons had been learned, he reaches forth for the attempted doors and open them over again-individually, and aye, none but one opened which eventually leads him to the perfect station- he failed to be a failure!
Life and Learning by Leke david

Even if your brain is not bright enough to understand the above principles at one reading don’t put the book aside, you may go back and reread it once again and I, with the full understanding that you wish, almost above every other things, that you can fly among the stars in your field or class, will treat this subject like my personal business to ensure that you grasp each point to the letters.

However, I will help you by simply introducing you to a man in whose life you may see the practical demonstration of failure and temporary defeat as illustrated in the above column and the outcome of both factors put together. But before then I’ll like to inject into this discussion the subject of success, please bear in mind that the topic would not actually be discourse through connecting some empty and useless grammars, instead, the discussion will be surrounded by your own daily observations and succinct illustrations.

“Success is the achievement of one’s aim or goal” according to the English dictionary. This definition is clear and very sound but in cases where a man aims at nothing and have no goal, (of which you and I know countless number of such men), how do we measure their achievement?

Let me help you put aside the problem of measuring the achievements of the man who aims at nothing so that we can proceed. Please pay close attention to the following explanation of success.

Let’s take for instance, if a man wakes up one fateful morning, swimming in memories of his past steps and decisions which were loaded with bunches upon bunches of errors, mistakes, lost opportunities and ill-luck- most of which generated from his own recklessness and ‘I don’t care and I don’t want to care attitude’ and upon discovering his next door neighbor’s great achievements, with his right hand on his chin he announced effervescently “oh, I have been this foolish all through the years? Well, it doesn’t really matter if I’ve been a bit behind my colleagues anyway!” with plenty feelings of satisfaction, no regrets whatsoever- let’s measure it unto him as great success after all he has succeeded the way he planned to.

On the other end, his next door neighbor, who has built for himself the ten greatest cities of the world, Rome included, just in straight ten days.

“Is this all I’ve been able to put up within the last ten days?” he asked himself, remembering succinctly, the popular saying that Rome was not built in a day. “This is not enough! I need to dream bigger and work harder!” he demanded of himself.

 I want to leave you to judge his achievement base on the definition of the English dictionary. Has he succeeded or not? Keep the answer to yourself and whisper to the man holding this book which among the two kinds of success you wish for yourself- the former or the latter?
With all that man could ever crave for- wealth, fame and power, Bonaparte Napoleon said “I was not happy for six days”. While Helen Keller- blind, deaf and dumb said “I find life so beautiful”.
Life and learning by Leke David

I implore you; don’t put this book aside ruminate over this principle well enough until you’ve understood that the actual meaning of success depends on individual, and that’s the thing! 

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