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Wednesday, 13 February 2019


Valentine day 2019


As valentine day 2019 is almost here, you need heads up on somethings especially the lovebirds with lots of chemistry. Here is JUST THE TIP

DISCLAIMER: This post isn’t aimed at shaming anybody, guys especially. You know we love you right?
What exactly does “Just the Tip” mean?
When it comes to sexual relations, people have been known to be very creative. No gender is left behind but this post focuses on the male gender because “just the tip” has been associated with their kind.

“Just the tip” has been the intermission before things like pregnancy, quick lay, STDs and all those sexually related stuff but we’re looking at the fun part of it so we’re game.

“Just the tip” is like a call to obey. You allow the tip and it becomes a bumpy ride from there on and if not, show’s over!

Here’s a scenario on Just the Tip

You meet a new guy and you both are in each other’s space for a long or short while. You go out on few dates and he is the perfect gentleman ever and you begin to see the future with him. Everything is cool until he invites you to his house.

Now, as a normal girl you’re thinking the most he can get out of you if the electricity being alone with him increases, is a kiss or let’s say some good canoodling but not sex right? Ladies have different reasons for not wanting to have sex with a guy the first time she visits his house.
Alright, he makes you very comfortable in his house and probably cooks for you and there you are thanking your stars for having a good man fall straight into your laps when your mates are still struggling to grip one man.

The thing is, there’s something about being alone with a guy you are attracted to in a room. There’s just something about the air that changes, really. I think it’s probably Cupid shooting an arrow or some other stuff.
Soon, he starts looking at you and there you are casting furtive glances at him and every other place.  Mumu laugh will kuku enter. Fingers start to touch or he tries to pull some imaginary thing off your hair and if the situation isn’t remedied, the rest they say is “history” but this might not be when “just the tip” comes in.
You know this thing some guys say about sleeping on the same bed with a lady and not making any moves? Well, I don’t know how true it is but it might be possible.

A friend told me a story of how she had gone to visit a male friend and how he’d bragged about giving boundaries when it came to such matters. He went as far as narrating how he’d accommodated a female friend of his for weeks back when he was in school and nothing happened between them. My friend set herself to sleep well that night since bobo had just expatiated on how he wasn’t among the stereotype.

Around 1am, power was restored which was what woke them up. He decided he wanted to cuddle that same night. Well, no harm in that right? Of course, he’s not among the stereotype. Minutes later and bobo was set to do her naughty. The irony!
Valentine day 2019


You know what they say about konji being a bastard? It’s the fact! Konji has brought the strongest of men to their knees. It is powerful, that, which makes a man forget everything just for a ride when he can’t control himself. Yet, you think a woman is not powerful?

Now, it’s possible a woman just wants to be kissed and touched right without penetration. Yes, she might get naked with you but still doesn’t want sex. Call it rough play but that’s the truth. No, she might not be teasing you and it could also be that is the end of the tether for her.

When konji rears its head, full grown men become babies. You’ll hear things like, “Babe touch it!” “Let me just put the tip”, “Baby, let me just rub it on the entrance, I promise I won’t enter”, “I just want to feel you”, “I promise not to move”, “Baby, one dip”, “Two dips please”. More desperate measures are; “See, I’m soft already. Just relax and let me rub it”. Do not be deceived!!

Others will go as far as giving you head; first class cunnilingus just to get you to open the gateway but your will is yours till the end unless you find yourself in the hands of a rapist.

Bobo is ready to tell you anything you need to hear in the “just the tip” moment. He can even deny his mother at that point, profess his undying love for you and I pray you not to believe it please. Nigerian musician Brymo sang “Prick no get shoulder, e put the head the rest enter”. Just the tip can lead to full blown sex.


Some guys have said “just the tip” isn’t their mode of operation but I say, if you’ve ever been alone with a girl you are attracted to in a room and things begin to get real cozy with you two and she’s not so keen on having a romp with you, you might have to beg especially when you feel it might grant you luck. I also say if you’ve ever tried any kind of trick recorded or not recorded in the books to get lucky with a girl, you’re guilty of “Just the Tip!”
Valentine day 2019


All that said, Valentine’s day is around the corner. Ladies, if you have no intention of rolling in the sheets with him please do not go to his house or his hotel room.
I’m not saying every guy will try to take advantage of the situation but there’s one spirit that blows konji in the air in such given situations. I kid you not! Just the tip can metamorphose into pump action.
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