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Sunday, 20 January 2019


Stop! Before you go further, this post is for those who love success.

Well, I know you do...


Hi friends, it’s time to take full advantage of 2019. Whether we know it or not, everything in life has a solution. If there is no solution yet, it’s because we have not searched in the right place. Whatever challenge you face, there is definitely something that you can do about it. The question is, what can you do about it? Successful people are those who breakout from the limiting norm to carve out their own path. You can start that business, build that house, increase your clientele this 2019, the question is how?
Seek wisdom!


If you want to be successful from this year onwards you must learn how to seek and apply the information you need. A lot of people read and know what to do; very few apply what they know to get what they want.
Keep in mind that it’s the full consistent efforts that yield the result, not half-hearted trials of luck.
Seek wisdom!
Every area of life has a principle that makes it work. Often times, we don’t get the result we seek because we break too many principles. Every successful man did something consistently to get to where they are today.
Money has rules. Even relationship has rules. Business has rules. Life, in general, has rules. There are those who made it through a lot of life hassles, find out how they did it, then build your own. If you must win this 2019, then you must learn the wisdom of principles and process.
People get hurt when they break rules. It’s the consistent efforts that yield results not the half-hearted trials of luck. Don’t just try to see if it will work, be fully committed to seeing it work. A rock does not crack when you hit it the first time; it’s the consistent hitting that makes it crack.
Seek wisdom!


You will always have what you say. It’s that simple. What comes out of your mouth is a product of the state of your mind. Successful people don’t have time to say negative things. They are always planning and engaging with creative minds who will contribute positively to their goals.
Life always gives you what you consistently say. You might not be where you want to be, that should not stop you from aiming for where you want to be. Watch your mouth and watch what goes into your mind.
When you declare what you want to be, you release the faith energy, and then your actions follow suit.
People of wisdom don’t run off the mouth like a tap, they conserve their words and speak when it’s needful. Your words will carry more weight when you act more than you talk.
Seek wisdom!


Stop complaining! Some of us know how to see what is wrong about other people but we hardly see what is wrong about us. Do you know that incessant complaints release negative energy that works against you? Don’t waste precious time complaining about what you don’t have or the injustice done to you. Your life is worth more than a bag of complaints. There are ideas within you waiting to burst forth and yield fruits, allow them.
Stop talking about what you think is wrong with the system, but start doing your part to make the difference. Life responds to doers and hardly blinks at the complainers. Whining about things cannot change it. But consciously doing something about the situation will make the difference.
Seek wisdom!


The more you seek knowledge in your field, the more you grow. Whatever you want to do or are doing, there is a wealth of knowledge on it. Seek it, find it and eat it. Knowledge is the nourishment for your life purpose. Do you know that the rich read more than the poor? The rich will always get richer and the poor will always get poorer. A person is not poor because they have no money, but because he or sge leave their innermost abilities dormant and unharnessed.
Above all, the knowledge that you have acquired should spur you into action. You did not get the knowledge to just marvel about it, you got the knowledge so you can do something about your life with it.
Seek wisdom!


Your mind is a powerhouse, therefore train it. You can achieve anything you want to achieve in this life. But, until your mind stops seeing limitations, you will only grow as far as your mind will allow. Learn to consistently train your mind in the areas you are interested in. Daily new inventions come in, and the world advances.
Very soon, most of the things you know will become archaic and outdated. If you don’t deliberately train yourself to be relevant in this age, you will lose your relevance to artificial intelligence. The digital world is gradually becoming a large world; train yourself on how to take advantage of it. Be strategic about your life, train your mind.
Seek wisdom!


If you notice, rich men don’t mingle with the poor in mind. If they must associate with you then, there is something they can gain from you. Your association is the difference between where you are and where you want to be.
If you must go farther than where you are, you must learn to let go of friends that are not relevant to where you are going. Hence, you must do this without sentiments. There is no room for sentiments on the path to success. There are times you must be ruthless without being wicked.
Also, you must learn to recognize those who are important to where you are going and make their acquaintance. The right association will take you faster to where you are going to than walking alone.
Seek wisdom!


Wisdom advises you to be consistent in anything you do. Winners don’t win by luck, but by consistently applying the right principles. The difference between winners and losers is not failing. Winners win because they learn from each failure, losers lose because they quit when they fail. Trials of luck cannot give you lasting success. Luck can give you success for a moment, but consistent application of wisdom will give you the lasting result.
Stop relying on luck, learn to be strategic about anything you do. Don’t just cast your net and wish to catch a fish. Real fishermen know what to do and how to do it to catch big fishes.
You are not an accident so don’t expect to be successful by accident.
Seek wisdom! Be strategic!


There is a need to invest and a greater need to invest wisely. Don’t spend everything that comes into your pocket. Don’t save everything that come into your bank account. Learn to invest and above all, learn to invest wisely.  There are things to do to give you residual income. Investments spring up daily and you don’t have to earn so much to start investing. But, before you invest, learn and understand the platform you want to invest in. understanding the nook and cranny of where you want to invest is to ensure you don’t lose money. There are forex trading and cryptocurrency. These two trading platforms have the capability to make you wealthy only if you know how they work.


Nobody ever made it by living in their comfort zone.  A time will come in your life that you will have to move into the unknown and uncharted territories to achieve your dreams. Only the risk takers enjoy the fullness of their life. You can’t stay in your comfort zone and wish for the best of life to come to you. Go out and get what you desire of life.
Seek wisdom!


Whatever you want is for you to get it, if you really want it. Understand that no one owes you anything. If you must be anything in life, it’s up to you. Don’t wait for your parents to realize you deserve what you think or feel is your right. Go after it and get it. Life owes you nothing, the government owes you nothing and your family owes you nothing. When you realize that God is all you have, then you will understand that He is all you really need. There is always a way and there is always the way to get what you want. Impossibility thinking is not allowed if you must succeed in your pursuit. You have all you need to get want you desire in life.
Seek wisdom!

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