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Wednesday, 5 December 2018


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 have you ever been at a point where you feel stuck and you dont know how to breakthrough, especially if you are female? here is a poem you can relate with.


I'm at an impasse.
Struck down by the fairy tale called life,
believing in the choices I have made,
was done in familial love,
through following the rhythm of life,
now the pretense of love.
has been exposed for the sham it is.

I'm at an impasse.
what do I fill the hollow in my heart with?
my very reality is but a sham!
I've been told not to find fulfillment in man,
but in christ Jesus.
so I asked the holy spirit
for a purpose,
that I might walk the path of the just and great.

I'm at an impasse.
I've been prejudiced for being female,
my gender has been my pain,
my gender has been my sorrow,
my gender has seen injustice,
my gender has been assigned the role of a tool,
but I took up a stand to be different,
sadly different is difficult.

I'm at an impasse!
I lived in comfort believing,
the love bestowed made me different
and great,
lacking a purpose but defining
my existence to the illusion of the
love shown,
leaving my very soul to the
dictation of man for the sake of
love and comfort,
seeking solace in the shambles of my reality,
I became an instrument of injustice
to my very own self.

I lived on an impasse
forsaking my dreams to being a mere shadow
given the identity of a mere shadow
to every other specie
but told I would be a  king
Alas! I've been used and misused
And when reality crumbled at my feet
the blood which ran through my veins slowly turned to ice
my heart hardened not but became
cold to the illusion of love

I chose the rocky and narrow path,
And this path had only one comfort,
The holy spirit,
So I took up armors in preparation,
for the cold war ahead,
And inter-coursed with the holy spirit,
For that is the only love known to a female
Like myself,
I'm on a journey,
and this Journey is a cold war,

Biochemistry (Msc), 
creative writer (La_Crue)

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