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Wednesday, 5 December 2018


Sleep and water are very important to healthy living, while the eyes are the lamps of the body. Below are some fun facts about sleep, eyes and water.


Sleep is very important for every human being. What is the point of going to a great length amassing wealth you cannot be healthy enough to enjoy? You can break down  with one illness or the other because you couldn’t bring out a time or two to rest. Sleep is like a soothing balm after a whole lot of stressful hours and your body needs it more than you know. Nobody is saying it’s an excuse to sleep your day away, use sleep to rejuvenate, and then get back to work.

When you sleep, your brain recharges, your worn out cell takes a break to repair themselves, also important hormones are released. You can see, how not sleeping for days or not sleeping enough can break you down health wise faster than any illness.

The average person spends 649,401 hours sleeping during his or her lifetime.

About 20 per cent of pilots have admitted to making serious mistakes due to feeling sleepy.

The average person can survive 2 weeks without water and 10 days without sleep (you need sleep as much as you need water). The record for the longest period without sleep is 18 days, 21 hours and 40 minutes.

Somniphobia is the fear of sleep. I have never seen anyone who is afraid of sleep.

Parasomnia is a sleep disorder that makes you do different kind of movements even though you are sleeping. So when you sleep at one point and wake up at a very different point then know that you could have parasomnia. Some crimes have been committed under the influence of parasomnia and they include; child molesting, rape, murder, writing bad checks, sleep driving and so forth.

SLEEP POSITIONS: do you know that it’s possible the way you sleep could tell a lot about your personality? Here are some sleep positions:
  Fetal sleep position: happens in about 41% of people. They are usually gruff but have a warm and welcoming heart. 
   Log sleep position: about 15 percent of people sleep like a log of wood and the funny thing is they are usually social butterflies. 
  The Yearner: this is seen in about 12 percent of individuals, they could be seen as open but they are very suspicious.
The soldier sleep position: these set of people are usually reserved. 
 Freefall: These categories of sleepers are fun and love parties.
f.        Starfish sleep position: they are excellent listeners
So which sleep position is yours?

About 100,000 car accidents are caused by drowsy drivers. Please get adequate sleep before you drive people to their death.

74% of people sleep on their side, 10 % percent on their backs and 16% on their stomach.

Do you know that if you are snoring it means you are not dreaming?

Babies need 18 hours of sleep, young children need 10 hours of sleep, teenagers need 9 hours, adults need 8 hours and old people need 6 hours. (Please, leave your comments below if you have a contrary opinion.)

One-quarter of married couple sleep in separate beds. (Why do you think so? Please leave your comments below)

The average person spends six years of their life dreaming. Interesting!

Did you know that a sixty-minute massage is equal to the effect 7-8 hours of sleep will have on your body?

Here is a fitness fact that got me thinking: having sex three times a week burns about 7,500 calories a year which is equivalent to jogging 75 miles. (What do you think of this fact? Leave your comment below)


Did you know that the entire length of eyelashes you shed in your entire life is up to 95 feet?
Did you know that you blink more than you talk? (Obviously)
Did you know it’s impossible to sneeze while your eyes are open? (I know you just checked!)
Did you know that your eyeballs stay the same from birth to death?
Did you know the reason why the phrase “in the blink of an eye” is used is because the eye is the fastest muscle in the body?
Did you know that the eye dilates about 45% when looking at something pleasant?
Water, 360life blog

FACTS ABOUT WATER: reasons why you should drink more water than you already do now.

The more you engage in exercise and fitness routines the more you need water, in fact your body will demand it.
Here are some things you should know about water:

Dehydration occurs when you lose one percent of your body mass to loss of fluids.

Feeling thirsty is usually an indicator that your body system needs water. Unfortunately, by the time you feel thirsty enough to desperately need water your body system is already mildly dehydrated. So drink water as often as possible. Four glasses when you wake up and at least eight glasses a day. Keep your body very hydrated.

Do you want to avoid having wrinkles and dry skin, then you need to continuously drink water. Make it a habit. Wrinkles and dry skin are sure signs of dehydration or signs your body is not getting enough water daily. If you sweat often or keep a regular fitness routine, you need to replenish lost fluids by drinking more water.

If you love your kidneys, drink more water. The more you drink water, the more you put off ever having kidney stones. Prevention is always simpler and easier than the cure.

Studies have shown that decrease in water intake can affect your overall physical performance. Start your mornings with enough water you will see that you will be active enough to take on your daily activities, even on less food. 

Dehydration can affect your mental alertness and fitness. When you are dehydrated, you experience fatigue, mental sluggishness, even decreased visual alertness. Don’t get to this point before you drink water.

 Please, replace that coffee on your work table with water. If you like carbonated drinks, you will save yourself from gaining extra weight you don’t need by drinking water instead. Grow your love for water; it will save you unnecessary distress in the future.

Water helps a lot in blood circulation and transporting the nutrients your cells need. Therefore, while you exercise to keep fit, drink more water.

What do you think of this information on sleep, eyes and water? Please leave your comments below.


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