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Sunday, 9 December 2018


Victoria Ukpaka blog, Digital marketing

Did you know that to be successful in
your business today, you need a sound understanding of Digital marketing? It's not enough to do marketing the traditional way if you want more profits and revenue. Also, the understanding of Digital marketing is for everyone irrespective of what you do; writing, selling of goods, counseling and so forth.

Let's dive in a bit and learn.

Digital marketing is the online or web marketing of different kinds of product and services using different kinds of digital methods like display advertising, mobile apps, search engines and so forth.

Digital marketing has evolved through the late twentieth century and early twenty first century and so far so good it has changed and improved the way people market their product and services. 

Daily people become of aware of using different digital marketing methods to increase sales and provide publicity for their goods and services.

Some digital marketing techniques include:

These digital techniques can be classified as internet and non-internet techniques.
The internet/online marketing techniques include;
Search engine optimization (SEO), Influencer marketing,

E-commerce, Search engine marketing (SEM),

Social media marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter), E-mail marketing

Display advertising, E-books, Content marketing and so forth

The non-internet digital marketing techniques include;

Use of sms and mms, call backs, push messages, mobile ring tones.

There is an increased awareness of all the above listed methods as the number of people using them daily increase in leaps and bounds. Some of these digital marketing methods use online ads and business owners make millions of revenue from these as they continue to thrive.
Victoria Ukpaka blog, Digital marketing


Digital marketing have encouraged the medium whereby there is value exchange between the provider of services and the consumer of services, through multiple channels at a time. 

These channels have increased the widespread of information and awareness. People can easily create suitable online content and share their thoughts, opinions, experiences, feelings and information that is readily accessed within seconds of its presence online from any part of the world. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest are typical examples of these channels that increased and made information and awareness readily available. 

Interestingly, the use of social media and the internet now affects people’s decisions and opinion because they have come to depend on how it makes life a bit easier for them. 

Take for example online shopping; it easier to order what you want from an online shop especially if you keep a busy routine than to spend time you can’t afford going all the way to a physical shop outlet.

Everyday business owners see the need to build the online presence of their businesses and their personal branding. They have come to the understanding that a well profiled online presence will definitely increase sales and the quality of their products will keep the customers coming.


Business can use digital marketing to increase the awareness of their brand and promote their brands in a lot of ways.

Provision of online customer support: customers feel valued and cared for when businesses put the customers concerns and needs first. Business owners can provide 24/7 online support for their customers through various ways. Some of these ways include: live chat, social media interaction, customer feedback forms etc. through these mediums, customers can easily bring forward their complaints, make requests and give feedbacks on the products and services they are using. These feedbacks can help the business owners improve the quality of their brand to meet the needs of the consumer.

Digital marketing have made it easier for customers to air their views through social media, blogs, websites therefore its vital for any business to take advantage of it.


Since information is easily accessed on the internet, consumers who use the different digital methods like Facebook, twitter and so forth can easily communicate with the different service providers. It’s very easy to be partial to a particular individual when there is a face to face contact but through social media, everyone is handled based on the information given out. So business owners will know that any information the consumers are providing is devoid of the hindrance face to face contact can create at times.

Digital marketing tools like the social media channels can help you know which area of your business you can improve on by providing you will valuable statistics of the usage of your products and services. It will help the brand owners to know the statistics of the returning customers and how to use it to a great advantage.

When digital marketing is used effectively it saves a lot of cost compared to usual traditional means of marketing. Anybody can reach any part of the world without moving an inch from the house and this saves a lot of logistics cost. Also, when organic method of digital marketing is put to use, it also saves a lot of money for promotion and advertising. You can say that using digital marketing for business is like applying the 80/20 rule, that is taking care of the important part will set into motion a cascade of events that will bring continuous results.

As you advance in digital marketing, you will understand that content is king therefore content marketing is very vital if good result is the end goal. These days digital marketing cannot be successful without the adequate content marketing.

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