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Sunday, 18 November 2018


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My heart stopped working today.
I wished to say it was love.
but it was agony.
One that comes from being a part of
a perverse world.

- Adetutu

How about you hand over the two pieces
of a broken heart?
Let me show you how some angels get
their wings
and that my dear,
Is how you turn a curse into a blessing.

- Adetutu

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I get those evenings in the comforting
company of the moon piercing the darkness in your room.
You suddenly let the tears free.
You like to believe its because of the scene you watched earlier
or that pretty woman begging in the street with her adorable twins
you couldn't help.
no its you,
Letting go of the front you pulled all day;
vulnerable and soft.
Aching to belong.

- Adetutu

They say you don't know the value of what you have,
until its gone.

Sometimes, its until you almost lose it.

You don't know the value of life
until someone tries to choke it out of you.

- Adetutu

The words i swallowed yesterday,
choked me in my sleep.
It took patting my back to spit them out.

- Adetutu

An apology.
As if to say i am sorry today didn't work out.
A lie.
To hide the fact that it never might.
A ray of hope. A truth.
To stir you into not giving up.

Maybe not today. some day. You will learn to love yourself.
Maybe not today. someday. You will get someone to love you
the way you deserve.

A synonym.
for not today or tomorrow.

Someday is like tomorrow. It never comes.
It's exactly the same thing as waiting for Godot.

- Adetutu

An excuse.
to give up for a while.

Sometime in the future
allowing you to dream of whats yet to come,
while abandoning the present.

who know? maybe some day.

Not specifically specific
maybe someday you will see the world for what it is.

A result.
of what you decide today.

A reflection of great faith.
someday, things will change for the better.

A journey.
It starts someday.

- Adetutu
360life blog, quotes, creative writing

Broken trust
is like water poured
you can try to mop it up
and squeeze it out,

But not without some dirt in it.

- Adetutu

"Leave God out of it"
out of it?
Out of breathing?
Tell me one positive thing you can brag of
That he didn't give you the grace to do?
Leave God out of it?
God is it!

- Adetutu

I have a thing for chasing things
That want to get away.

- Adetutu

Adetutu Adedoyin
Creative and Content writer

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