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Wednesday, 28 November 2018


Prisoner, self, 360life blog

The life we live is shaped by the perception we give it and how we face our everyday.

It is believed that life comes with its woes and tragedies, its joy and happiness, although many may say the beauty of life is limited. The greatest challenge is getting up when we are thrown a weight we can’t handle, moving on when we’ve lost a loved one, a job or something precious. This turns us to a prisoner in our own freedom and to ourselves.

The secret to being a prisoner of self is a constant replay or re-echoing of these words; I’m just not good enough – as a mother, a husband, a father, a business person, a student or an employee – I’m going to make the same mistakes, I can’t do it, I am not lovable, my mother died because of me, my boyfriend or girlfriend left me because I’m cursed.

Basically our mind believes every self-limiting thought we conjure up or that is thrown our way and this begins the onset of depression and un-fulfillment.
Prisoner of self, 360life blog

Being caged in your free will – as a result of life’s ugly scenarios – puts you in an unmotivated state where fear sets in and distrust is the order of the day. When every Monday seems like a struggle to just get by and your mind becomes messed up.
At this point you are bound to seek unfruitful relief or release either through sexual pleasures or just being high and artificially happy. When the release wears off, your mind becomes a stronghold for the devil and negative thoughts.
We’ve either been there or someone we know has been there and many of us don’t even know we have built prison bars around ourselves – I used to be one of these people.

At this stage, you are not only imprisoning yourself but your loved ones as well, because they go through the same – or more - anguish and pain. And the only way to unlock those bars, is to love yourself – as cliché as it sounds – that’s the first step.
Then believe in these words “if I fall I will not stay down, because the lord will help me up – Psalm 37:24 AMP”
 I can do all things [which I have been called to do] through him who strengthens and empowers me [to fulfill his purpose—I am self-sufficient in his sufficiency: I am ready for anything and equal to anything through him who infuses me with inner strength and confident peace]—Phil 4:13 AMP—

And because I trust in the Lord for help my strength is renewed. I will rise on eagles wings; I will run and not get weary; I will walk and not get weak—Isiah 40:31 GNT.

Re-echoing these and knowing and understanding you are in Christ – even Christ knew who he was “I am the I am”—breaks the bars arresting your mind.

Remember how you view the world shapes how you’ll live your life.

Rose Enwere,
Biochemistry (MSc), 
Creative writer.

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