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Sunday, 18 November 2018


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You know that saying "Ignorance is bliss?" It really is. I had the opportunity of attending a work related conference today which was uplifting and wonderful by the way, thanks to Zedvance ( Where we solve your money problems).

It was time for breakfast and I was asked if I wanted Lipton or coffee.
I would have said Lipton that I had tasted before like a normal human being but no, my body wanted to try something so different and gourmet and I requested for coffee that I don't remember having ever taken before. I soon sat down to my breakfast and I loaded the content of the satchet of coffee into the mug that had milk in it.

I even stirred it with the teaspoon all so elegantly like I've been drinking coffee all my life.

Time came for me to have a sip the way they do it in the movies and reality hit me owh so hard!!!

It's not sweet o! No sugar and I can't pour it out because it will spoil my "elegant girl". Hey!!! What did I just do to myself?
How can I punish myself like this? Dear readers, that was how I endured my cup of coffee and I was the happiest when I took the last sip! Pheeew!!!

Suffering and smiling became my slogan!! I related my coffee ordeal to my friend and she suggested that I shouldn't have used up all the coffee in the sachet.

What do I know? I've learnt my lesson already so I'm good.

I hope you had a good read!

Pursue your goals! Be yourself! Only strive to do better than your previous efforts!

Have a great week!

Uche Ezeudu,
Creative Writer.

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