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Thursday, 15 November 2018


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How do you know when to walk away?

When your heart begs you not to dip your feet into the water,
because it knows there's something waiting to drag you under.

When all you have done every other day is swim without fear

And your heart wouldn't stop beating fast as you approach its bank
begging you to please reconsider.

Even if all you see is how beautiful the sight of the evening sun
is kissing the horizon.


I don't know who is more qualified to measure when the love is in excess;
the receiver or the giver.
Then it hit me;
When water is being fetched into a bucket,
Even when its full, the bucket never stops the flow.
its I who is doing the fetching that decides when the bucket has had enough.
I close the tap, because the bucket is full.

The only thing that makes the receiver feel like love is in excess
is an underlying feeling of unworthiness or surprise at the turnout.
a sudden realisation that he or she could be loved that much.

- Adetutu

360life blog

Sometimes you love and trust to the extent
that you hand another the knife each time and say,
"gently this time"
hoping they will tease you with it.
never thrusting or twisting it deep inside of you
"its okay you didnt mean it"
you lay on your chest as they count how many 
stab wounds it will take for you to die
or get up and say

-- Adetutu

To truly heal is to feel peace, not haunted by the hurt of the past.
its to forgive the hurt, but not necessarily pretend you have amnesia.
its not to allow that you remember rule your emotions.
To truly heal is to move on, not in circling what went wrong, 
calling it progeress; moving ahead, leaving behind the baggage.
To truly heal is to tell your story without a tear dropping.
It is not that you dont feel it, it just doesnt control you anymore.
To truly heal is to go through it and not get lost in it.
To truly heal is not to take revenge on innocent people 
Who just want to be a part of your life and offer good qualities.
To truly heal is truly breathing,
fresh air filling your lungs, 
your heart renewed and your soul released.

---- Adetutu

360life blog

I wish we romanticized our victories the way we do our failures.
To put in the spotlight our present the way we focus so much on our past
as though its some piece of evidence for an ongoing investigation.
I wish we talked about how good love is, the way we immortalise 
heartbreak. refusing to let it go.
We are quick to complain about the drought, but run away when the
rain comes pouring.
A lot of poems going around about broken hearts,
promises and hopes dashed.
I understand that these things are bad, but they can only get worse
with every mention.
Refusing to move beyond the past and seeing the times that things
have been good.
I guess its just the easiest thing to do.
to turn to the bad and act  like there's never been a good day just
because it didn't come the way we expected.

---- Adetutu


The truth abouth the truth I  speak is that it's never the whole
I never mention the part when the struggles come in where i 
look in the mirror and wish i could disappear.
I never mention the struggle to find what works when i talk
about the other things that work.
I never mention that I doubt myself and it leaves me 
undermining my achievments because my yardstick of success
is sometimes measured with other people's achievements.
I falter.
I never mention that i fear that life will deal me cards 
I dont know how to trade in the marketplace.
I never exactly mention the challenges; I take them as tests of faith.
it's never easy to admit I am faltering;
especially to people who think i have got I figured.
It's even harder to admit to myself when its time to call truce.
so, I leave bits of it out each time I talk.
telling no lie, not revealing everything.
even my strengths sometimes weigh me down.
life's hard, but with the darkness around, its harder.
I have learnt to shine my light regardless.

---- Adetutu

Adetutu Adedoyin,
Creative and Content writer.


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