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Monday, 12 November 2018


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If we come closer, we would pick up our fractions and no longer be in pieces but one large piece living in peace.


 If there was any fall in life I ever enjoyed, it's falling in love with you.
I always stand not to walk away but just so i can watch myself fall for you again.


Mother nature
She is old and has just two sons to care for her,
We all know and have seen today, because today came visiting,
But if today goes,
When will tomorrow come?


We both had our good times but it wasn't for forever
We both had our good times but we forgot the together ever after.

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 Love will work if he wants to love you,
If only
You want him to and
You want him too.


 When we get married we will have no need for an anniversary as am yet to find a calendar with a date for eternity.


Crippled by envy I lost in a mace race to Grace,
I wept for weeks until i was too weak to die.


You would be disappointing you, wishing you played someone else's role in this drama called life.


Each time I advise you, there is always a silent voice saying
"I have made worse mistakes".


 Our first kiss still lives on my lips but what's a heart without it's symphony.
In harmony we promised to sing a rhapsody of tomorrow but the cravings of my body is drowning my soul.


 More than I want you,
I need you to be a part of us.

More than I want you,
I need you and I to make us.

I started this love quest with you and I,
Promise to stop at nowhere but us.


 Stay woke
Don't go broke
But if you are already,
Break the yoke!


When everyone seems to be tired of you and nothing seems to be working for you,
When your world seems to be falling apart and the bricks are falling on you,
Just hope you live the story.
It wouldn't be that bad then .

360life blog, quotes

I want to live a life free and as beautiful as art.


Amodu Godwin (Pen name: _amodu)
Creative Writer,
Human physiologist.


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