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Saturday, 17 November 2018


360life blog, quotes

Fences are built to prevent thieves
from breaking in, don't always stay at
the fence of a
job, relationship, commitment,
be fully involved.

You are not a thief!

- Nwabueze Pleroma Temple

When the word of God becomes
your binoculars,
your focal length is increased,
beyond what you can sense (sight)
or fathom.

- Nwabueze Pleroma Temple

Everything on earth is programmed
to GROW!
You either CULTURE your spirit man
to GROW in GRACE, or it choses to
grow in ignorance.
Growth is AUTOMATIC.

-Nwabueze Pleroma Temple

360life blog, quotes

If you were created to be an automatic,
There is no point downgrading yourself
to manual.
Maximize your potentials at your manufacturer's
default settings!
Trying to be someone else is boring!

- Nwabueze Temple Pleroma

Anger is a choice.
Bitterness is a choice
Hatred is a choice.

Same way;

Love is a choice.
Happiness is a choice.
Joy is a choice.

Choose your subscription wisely!
Don't make people feel responsible
for the choice you made.

- Nwabueze Pleroma Temple

It doesn't matter if they believe in you
or not,
they didn't call you
they didn't give you the vision.

So live your best.

They will come to the brightness of
your rising.

Just shine.

- Nwabueze Pleroma Temple

Everybody has a challenge,
So don't expect motivation from anybody!

Your life has a manual,
get it to for a reset.
And the sweet thing is,
during the reset process,
new files are installed into your spirit,
with a self-healing mechanism promo
to run through life successfully.

- Nwabueze Pleroma Temple

Where love is, God is!
Where faith is applied, God is pleased.
There is no traffic when you create your lane!
Just walk in love and place all hope in faith.

- Nwabueze Pleroma Temple

360life blog, daily quotes

When there are no life goals in a relationship,
whatsoever you are doing is a business transaction,
and every business transaction
has a COB (close of business) date.
When it ends the assumed love affirmations
between the parties involved
metamorphoses into regret and abuse.

- Nwabueze Pleroma Temple

When a door closes against you,
dont cry!

Open it by force! or

Leave that door shut!

Find a caterpillar, burst the wall,
create a gate!

- Nwabueze Temple Pleroma

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