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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


My NYSC camp experience, 360life blog, short story, fiction
So yesterday I started the  story of my NYSC camp love experience, I guess you want to know the rest of the story, right?
Here we go....

I had to let him go a little. He had to be friends with other girls and probably see that I wasn't so special anyway.
I became friendlier with more people. Some guys were on my case oh based on baby oku (hot baby) that I am nah.
I'd be talking with these guys and my eyes would still wander to find bobo. Soon he began getting close to this new girl who happened to be a set older than mine in my department. Was I jealous? Yeah, maybe I was but I couldn't be selfish. If I wasn't going to offer my heart then he had to be free to be with someone else and I didn't mind it being this new girl since...

We both graduated from the same department and school even though we never knew each other. I felt this kinship with her and I just wanted bobo to be safe, away from my craziness. I was the proverbial person who was looking for something that was in *Sokoto* in Sokoto. I just didn't know what I wanted and I couldn't commit to anything with that mindset. I had baggage and I can't come and trouble someone's child with my emotional load.

My friends were warning me already and occasionally giving me the stink eye. Made me laugh then. I became the witch who couldn't value what was in her lap.
They made sure they ridiculed every other guy they saw me with. They were team bobo and nothing was ever going to change it.
I remember one of my friends describing some guy that liked me as *baby pig*. Jeez! She went ahead to say his cheeks were carved out like puff puff or his cheeks were like what was pumped. Morale low!

Bobo and the new girl were gisting more and my spirit was not at rest. You see this witching spirit won't let me be!! He introduced us to each other and that was how I got to know we were in the same department, can you imagine? I liked her instantly because I'm not totally a witch, you know.

She was still my rival. I liked her because I'm a people person but she was occupying bobo's space which was what I wanted but I didn't want that anymore. Nope!! I'm phobic about commitment. That was how I was watching them like witch oh.
I started wondering. Will he take her to the places he took me? Will she be funnier than I am? No, I didn't see him laugh that much. I didn't see them holding hands too. I saw through everything and knew it was never going to be like what we have. I became monitoring spirit o. He doesn't look at her like he looks at me.

I always know these things because I just know them. I don't know how!
 I still saw his eyes following me even when he was with my rival. Sometimes I felt I could just run to him and tell him I wanted to be with him and we'd be happy forever but I still wasn't sure of what I wanted. We kind of met in the middle and we still spent time together. We stopped avoiding the situation and yeah, it got rosy again but I was still thirsty. Something needed to be quenched. I needed to venture out on my own to fully appreciate him more. It sounds crazy but that was the only option.

The last day of camp came and we got our posting letters. I was posted to Lokoja and he was posted to some other local government.
 I felt a pang in my heart and it felt like I was losing something but I didn't question the process. I had a lot of learning to do and it was a journey I planned to gain the most experience from. I didn't even know that some of my platoon mates had noticed we were an item back at camp. They'd ask "What of Bobo? Argh!! NYSC separated you guys abi? Ehyaaa, sorry" so sad!
I remember asking my Mum if she minded me bringing an Edo guy home and she gave the most dramatic reply ever. She first gave a shout like a first class actress would before she said no no that it was like throwing her child away because Edo wasn't in the east nah!

 She just gave a dramatic *no*
Why am I not bothered? My Mum is the queen of drama so we know ourselves.
Back to my story...
Bobo and I called each other frequently after our separation and we did make plans that I'd come visit sometime and it seemed achievable but there was this fear. Funny huh?? It's the fear of losing yourself. I couldn't let anybody know my weakness, not even bobo. That single element that construed the enigma I was. What would happen to my magic? So I ran again.

 The calls became less frequent and it became an out of the blue stuff. We got busy with our individual lives. There were others but they didn't have this unique quality bobo had. I gave them a part to test the waters but they weren't worthy, undeserving. Bobo treated me like a queen. He'd tease me to no end and he just was good to me. I kept looking for that thing that made him bad but there was none. I'd sing *Nobody's gonna treat me better, I must stick with you forever* by Pussycat Dolls but I still wasn't sure what I would have but I knew what I didn't want, I just had to stay content with it no matter the weather.

 Months passed and we had become different people. Life!
Soon it was time to pass out from NYSC and the big relief came. The whole Batch A Stream 1 corpers were to converge at the stadium in Lokoja. This meant I was going to see bobo.
I had mixed feelings. Now is confession time as to why I had mixed feelings...
*The moment of truth*

I was with someone else.
 It was a trial and error something though. More like a case study or not.
 I just came into the stadium and was getting ready to get my own magazine when bobo came over. I couldn't contain my joy!! I had missed bobo so and I hugged him so tight. I didn't want to let go and he was still his caring self with his pink school bag. Weirdo!
I wondered if he could see through me and know that I was with someone else. I had refused to date him but I had dated other people (briefly). Yes, call me selfish but remember that journey I told you about? That's my defense. Yeah, I was unfair but you save the best for the last right?

There were changes for him too...
There was this fine pinchomic (petite) girl that he was friends with and I did see their pictures on Facebook and then it felt to me that he had moved on and I was happy for him. I thought they were dating o and then I teased him about it and the truth came out. Aunty was with someone else. I was worried a bit. All these months and there was no one else or what? I can't believe that one biko (please). Bobo has no reason to lie right?

My friends still kept asking about bobo. I couldn't say nothing but "he's fine"
I wanted to be with bobo and we went everywhere with the little time left
Before he had to get on the vehicle that would take him back to his local government. As the door closed, I felt my heart break into a million pieces. He was leaving!!

I felt empty and I didn't know which hurt more, the finality of his departure or the many months I had to be with him and stubborn head did not let me shine. I had gotten to the end of my journey enriched with my experiences and lessons and I was ready to come up for fresh air.

I know there are people you just love and there are people you are in love with, it's a matter of semantics. I still don't know just where it all fits in just as I don't know what the future holds but come whatever may, you are special to me Stephen!

From Kabba with love💝

Uche Ezeudu,
Creative Writer

What do you think of my not so fictional story...
Leave your comments below..

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