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Monday, 13 August 2018


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I've never written about any of my camp experiences. Well, NYSC was one whole experience I looked forward to and I loved every time I spent with the amazing people in camp.
Camp is always the best part of NYSC and I've chosen to tell you about my *camp love*.
Yes!! I had a camp love and my head was in the sky and it was an amazing feeling.
Are you ready for my bluntness? Here we go!

In as much as ladies might pretend a bit as if we don't care about the male folk, you all know we care a lot about you. Who would pay us such nice compliments if not you? To who do we have this electrifying chemistry with if not you? Whose strong arms will hold us comforting if not yours? Whose eyes do we look into and be assured of the interest and a wonderful company? Who will pamper us and spoil us rotten with care, attention, money, etc.?

Can you see how indispensable you are to us?
Can you see how special you are to us?

 It was sunny and I was sitting on the ground with my face cap as a shield from the harsh sun. While at it, I was still trying to get nice shots with my phone because I carried NYSC on my head and everybody just had to know that I was finally serving. My dream had come true so what better way to preserve the memories other than taking pictures? Then I noticed some guy was photo bombing my picture! Haba!! Who again? I think I first felt someone throwing small sticks at me and when I looked back, I couldn't find any guilty person.
I decided to check my amazing pictures and behold, this guy was comfortably posing in my pictures. 

Argh!! What effrontery? I wasn't so angry when I did have a good look at the guy in question.
He was cute! You know what they say about not being angry with a fine person for too long. Funny.  Fine boy is looking for my trouble and my dear people, it can only be synonymous with *interest*.
I decided to play game and see what the outcome would be. We got chatting a bit o. Just a bit. You drink hot soup gently, if you know what I mean.
Then we got to know each other's names and I was surprised when he told me he was from Edo state. Huh? You look like Igbo na. 

 I don't know who started crushing first so I'll just say my part. We started getting really close. How? I can't tell but I can tell it all started from play. Na from play e dey start!
I just found out I always wanted to be at the parade ground because I knew he would be there. How I had to pretend that I didn't want to rush to his side while on the parade ground and talk about everything and nothing in particular. It felt like I was walking on clouds. Oh! How I'd use my eyes to scan my platoon till my eyes rested on him and I'd smile to myself and look away only to look back again. Chai!! My chest oh!

 How I'd carry my *talk talk* and gist and move to every group in my platoon till I got to his side. I know right? I call it *strategic planning*  I noticed he kept to himself most of the time and I'm always up for an adventure even though I tell myself otherwise most times. When we finally got our time to talk and my friends would come to drag me away because an emergency gist had come up. Ogini? What is it? I don't want to be single like you!
It's chicks before dicks so I just have to go albeit reluctantly.
I remember the first time we held hands.
We were leaving the camp ground and our hands just linked. 

I remember how he'd walk me to my hostel before he moved on to his. It was the best feeling in the world. My heart oh!! But there was a problem!
He was yet to ask for my number? I couldn't just offer him my number na. Mba!! Not how it works! That will be a real f-up so I planned to wait it out but there was a nagging question at the back of my mind. What if I was just all up in my feelings and bobo did not even send me!
Of course it can't be. Ladies are always very perceptive about these things and
 It could just be that he was shy and didn't want to seem too forward. I told you we are very intuitive or was it perceptive I said earlier? Nawa oh. This boy can you just ask for my number? What is it?!! Ask and you shall receive. I know a bit or more than a bit of body language and I knew he wanted the number because I got sharp eyes and my eyes were on him but bobo is not a forward person o. He just likes to be sure about things and you know...etc.
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Then came one evening when we were returning to the hostel area and he asked for my number!!!!
I have made it oh.
 I thought he was never going to ask. Finally!!! I just gave him my number like I'd not been wishing for it since. Hehehehe. We got to act coy sometimes, it's very important. Ladies you know, right?
Then it started o. I remember when he called me later that night and how I just couldn't keep still as I received his call. Hehehehe. My friends would just not let me rest. They knew already that I was entangled with bobo. Their encouraging smiles gave me the needed bosst and they all wanted to know who he was. They just had to know!! I remember how one of them followed me around and kept asking, "Is he the one?" Amebo (gossip) girl!
 He'd call to ask me where I was so we could meet up and we'd meet.

 I remember our camp movie night and how we sat apart from where the main action was going on so that I could eat my food and we could be together. I started feeling cold and he gave me his cardigan. My God!! His nice cologne enveloped me and it was so comforting. Hehehehe. Love is sweet oh!
My friends got to meet him and they liked him instantly. Isn't it amazing? I remember one of them teasing him endlessly about me. I'd look at him and see the expression on his face and burst into laughter. Lovey lovey!!

Then I got sick and he took me to the camp clinic and waited while I got my drugs. The yeye rude nurse didn't faze him. He stayed and just took care of me. Who doesn't want to be pampered abeg? He'd offer to buy food for me and I just couldn't bring myself to accept it because of this tiny sense of independence I have.
He wasn't Catholic but he went to church with me on the second Sunday.
Some naughty people are already asking if we kissed.
Okay, bobo did we kiss?
Please we didn't oh. As you all know, I'm a holy girl and we are all celibate so we don't do such. Yeah, right!
Fine, fine, fine!!! Let me be honest...
 I said something about the electrifying chemistry right? The chemistry was there oh. From the looks to the touch (innocent touch) biko kwa and situation found us one evening while we were sitting outside.
See avid readers….

Anyways, I had told myself from the start that I had to always control myself and for some reason I wanted my sanctimonious self to righteously say I didn't have any shady deal in camp and I also felt that there was no need to rush things but honestly speaking, that was the perfect moment to go for the kill but we'll be alright as we are, finally!
The air was cool and we were sitting opposite each other in a shaded space and this chemistry thing. What more perfect moment right?
No, we didn't kiss! Capice?
We kept our lips to ourselves.

Then came the time for commitment. He started dropping hints that he wanted more from me. Darn! He wanted a relationship but I was scared. I was scared to my teeth. I had a phobia. I couldn't commit to any relationship. No, I felt he was too good for me. Here is someone who is responsible and he seemed the ideal man that I might have been praying for but I was backing out. I didn't want to hurt him but it seemed that was what I was going to do anyway. It could be a black widow situation but it was never going to be it. I wanted to hide sometimes but I couldn't show it because bobo can't be hurt by me o.
My special bobo.
360life blog, love experience by Uche Ezeudu

There were other issues too. He was from Edo state, Nigeria.
That was the least problem maybe, maybe not. Being in a relationship meant commitment to a particular person and I was enjoying the single status because the freedom is very free... Do you understand me?
What if he gets more serious and talks about marriage?? chaii!!!! What will I do? Or is it too early?
No. 1 phobia!!! Nooo! I was freaking out and I was panicking already. I thought *be careful what you wish for*
I had an idea...


Uche Ezeudu,
Creative writer

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