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Sunday, 29 July 2018


Natural remedies for acne, 360life blog, smooth face
Natural remedies for acne

Many of us have in one way or the other experienced pimples and black spots on our faces, in extreme cases on other parts of our bodies too like the chest and back, and for some of us instead of these pimples to go same way they came, they decide to stay leaving bumps on our skin.

When these pimples overstay their welcome on our skin, some of us start looking for over the counter therapy which sometimes aggravates the situation. As a lady, one of the major focus of attraction is a smooth, glowing face and skin.

There is nothing as beautiful as a smooth and glowing skin, that is why below you will see natural remedies, tested and trusted that can help you achieve that smooth skin you want by stopping the pimples from rearing its ugly head and clearing the black spots left by the old ones.
Natural remedies are the safest bet for facial and skin therapies because the the possibility of bleaching the skin and experiencing any adverse reaction is really low.
Here we have:
Cucumber, 360life blog
Tumeric, 360life blog, natural remedy for acne

Sometimes the pimples on the face can look so gigantic red and very painful, which means they are inflamed. Here is a solution for you, cucumber juice and turmeric, this combination reduces the inflammation and calms the pain that comes with the pimple.

So how do you prepare it?
First off, get a cucumber, squeeze out the water/juice using a juice squeezer or any other simpler method if you don’t have one. The point is getting the water out in to a cup.
Then you add a spoon and half of turmeric into the cucumber juice/water and mix. If you have the turmeric root, you can ground it to get the juice which you can also mix with the cucumber water/juice.
Now here goes the method of application:
Evenings are best for this kind of application because you are going to have a yellowish kind of mixture and you wouldn’t want to carry that kind of mask around all day. So you apply them liberally on your face after having your evening bath, especially on those areas of concern on your face. You can wash off in the morning before having your bath with just soap (baby soap) and water, no sponge. Note, there is a tendency of the mix staining your pillow case especially if it’s white so you shield it from staining it.

Another point to note is that this mixture cannot stay longer than five days if it’s not refrigerated so you don’t apply stale concoction to your face.
Plus or minus five days you will see the transformation on your face.
Yoghurt, natural remedy for acne, 360life Blog
Honey, natural remedy for acne, 360life blog

TUMERIC + YOGHURT AND TUMERIC + HONEY: the combination of turmeric and yoghurt is very good in reducing inflammation and clearing black heads.

How this works?
Mix a teaspoonful of turmeric powder or juice in one-quarter glass of fresh yoghurt. Then apply liberally on the face, one hour before taking your night bath. Between five days and two weeks you will see a definite difference from those reddish ad painful pimples o your face, it clears the black heads as it reduces the inflammation.

Turmeric and honey preparation and application is same as turmeric and yoghurt and it clears those black spots that makes you uncomfortable from your face.
Natural remedy for acne, water, 360life blog

WATER: above all, drinking water is very important to having a smooth and glowing skin. If you want to have a face free of pimples and black spots, make sure you have minimum of eight glasses of water. Why don’t you start the habit of drinking at least four glasses of warm water every morning, 30 minutes before breakfast? Emphasis is on warm water, you will see a lot of changes in your entire body system between two weeks and a month. Your skin needs lots of water so it can wash away the toxins which accumulates on our skin due to dust and bio waste in the air.
There are so many other home remedies which can give you a glowing skin.

Have you tried any of these remedies? If yes leave your comments below on how it worked for you.
Comment below on any other remedies which might have worked for you also.


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