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Thursday, 5 July 2018


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We are obviously loving beings, we are made to love and be loved, that is why we seek to identify with some people and also be identified for who we are. We form cliques and friendships so that we can belong. We date and have friends for a million reasons and one vital one is so that we can love and be loved. In the midst of all these, we are still individual beings with different mindsets and backgrounds, with different intents and opinions. In a bid to relate with other people, to find love and be accepted we may not know when we drift off into destructive and toxic relationships.
So in lieu of this, here are nine red flags that will open your eyes so you can easily identify toxic and destructive relationships.

When you see yourself explaining  basic human respect to a full grown adult

Have you ever been with someone you hold dear and you are supposed to be having a crucial conversation (even if it’s not crucial but still a conversation) and the person you are having this conversation with is busy pressing the phone, tablet or a laptop and when you address such inconsideration to your conversation the person tells you that they can hear you? Well, I know how it can grate on the nerve because it looks like you are having a conversation with yourself and the person in question sees nothing wrong in the act. This is one of the red flags of a toxic relationship because you will always see yourself explaining something as simple and basic as showing respect at least to the friendship or the relationship.

When your significant other focus on your mistakes instead of theirs.

I know some of us have seen ourselves in situations where the ones we love or in a relationship with never see their part in a problem, they always easily blame others for a problem they contributed to, and they have a nice way of turning the table around and you see yourself taking all the blame. When you see yourself in this position, where your partner always takes guilt trips on you and blame the issues both of you are experiencing in the relationship on you, dear beloved it's time to rethink that friendship or relationship, especially when you are in a romantic relationship.

When your significant other suddenly and completely becomes bored by you.

I know that people get tired and fatigued from work or the day's running around and it might rub off on whoever they are in the relationship with, but this is not enough reason to suddenly become completely bored with their partners, especially someone that usually excites them or gives them comfort. When you see yourself in this situation where your partner or significant other gets bored of you when he or she feels like it and becomes interested again when they want to send you into an emotional roller coaster my dear you are in a toxic relationship and you have to start rethinking your stay in that relationship or friendship.

When your significant other accuse you of emotions they intentionally provoke.
When they intentionally make you sad or angry or jealous and you react from it, and they accuse you of being overly emotional or too jealous then that relationship is too toxic for your state of mind, please leave.

When they expect you to read their mind.
We know that one of the vital keys that keep relationships going is communication, but when one party cannot communicate their mind to their significant other expecting them to know their mind, and when they don’t they become overly irate.

They have a crippling taste for attention.
Toxic people love attention in an unimaginable way if what you do it's not about them they become sullen and withdrawn making you feel guilty. It's okay to expect a certain level of attention from your significant other but when it has to be every time and no breathing space then something is definitely wrong.

You find your significant other being obsessed with humiliating successful, kind and cheerful people.
People who have personality issues always know how to put other people down especially successful, kind and cheerful people. This kind of people easily find fault with other people, they are either Miss or Mr Perfect, and every other person is seen as beneath them.

You fear that any fight could be your last.
When you are constantly afraid that every time both of you quarrel the relationship will end, when you don't feel secure in the relationship, when you are always on the edge, always careful not to do anything that might end the relationship then my dear you are not supposed to be in the relationship in the first place, walk away.

They frequently comment about how you look.
Anyone who claims to love you should accept you as you are, even if they want to adjust anything about you it shouldn't be because they are uncomfortable with how you look or how you are. So when someone frequently comments on how you look that you feel inadequate when you are with them, then my dear it's a huge red flag telling you they DON'T DESERVE YOU.

Leave a comment; if you have experienced any of these, how you handled it and if you have experienced worse.
Let’s help each other build better and stronger relationships.

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