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Saturday, 12 May 2018


One of the beautiful memories we could ever get are with the ones we love. A time comes in our life when we don't wanna be shitty, when we don't wanna be so angry, when we don't wanna feel so Insecured.
That time comes when we don't really care what others say about a particular person, we just want them to be with us, stay true to us and treat us right. The peace it gives,  joy it brings when that one person who you ever wanted treats you right and respects you, it's that feeling we all wanna experience someday. Then we turn to poets, singers, e.t.c trying to express what we feel for that person. That feeling is called love.

But I miss that intimacy, the feeling of having to call someone my own, the feeling of that warm embrace, the cuddling, the kissing, the love we shared, the love that put us in each others arm, I miss the way my heart skipped for joy when you were just five feets away. I Miss having to call you to scream, cry and laugh, I really miss those moments, I miss you holding me each day, I miss lying to my parents just to get to see you, I miss the quarrels and how the "I love you messages", I miss praying that as we share our love, we should share our home.

Break ups are the worst times of our lives and we really don't wanna pick our self up from getting so sad, the one we cared about, lied for, sang for, prayed for,the ones we wanted so bad and had to say no to everyone someday decides to walk pass the door of goodbye without looking back. Our innocence destroyed, even when we mean the most to them., they leave us in. The dark, make us look shitty, wasted, abused and emotionally disrupt.
 We are all damaged...
You are, I am. You know what heart break feels like?
You know how it feels to be left by that one you gave you and  all...
You know how it feels to change somethings about yourself because of that very one that left...
And you even know how it feels to push somebody away because  you are scared of what might happen again...
So how are you not damaged, I am damaged, Faulty.
 And there is nothing wrong if you  just admit it, you won't be seen or looked or thought of as weak.
 I can't fix myself completely neither can you and now you are so mad cause you gave your all and it wasn't returned, so sometimes you start rethinking who is right or wrong but being right or wrong doesn't really matter because of the severity of the deeds that's been done.

How do you ever want the wound treated if you won't even show somebody, so here are self explanatory ways to be over a breakup. Simplest and easiest of all

1. Accept it's over: End of relationship, okay, cool, fine. Now am single, another journey. If possible write but still let go.
How do you let go?
• Keep your distance
• Find another addiction
• Get out from that depressed zone and do things.

2. Cry out: You hurt, cry, you never wanted this, cry, you gave your all, cry. Sometimes words don't come out, tears do. And there is no weakness in breaking down... The strongest people break down and fix their pieces indoor.

3. Live: Sometimes we don't forget people because we actually want to, in fact most time when we try harder to forget people, they come into our mind... My advice for you is to live, be happy, if she comes to your mind think her, accept reality, shout out, bite your fingers out, cry out. But in all still live, the journey of falling out of love with someone isn't easy, you wake up at 2 am to chat them up, you might want them close to you. But in letting go you make room for something better... So let go and let life happen to you again.

My thoughts and good wishes are with you always. I will be cheering for you, you got this.

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