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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Trust The Timing Of Your Life

You know something about time ? Sometimes when we want it aint where it ought to be . You ever sat to think why doesn't my hardwork pay off, why isn't there an answer after prayers?

 Timing is the answer.
Let me go down memory lane with you : sometime ago in my life I quit school, because my parents couldn't afford the fee. It's not like they didn't want to but a lot of things really just happened but they couldn't afford it and I had to drop school, peeping through the doors watching my friends go to school made me feel sad. I cut off all my relationships with friends because I felt they were better than me, they were gonna go to the university but I wasn't. I mean if my parents couldn't afford this little how much more. I Hated myself, working so hard, striving but nothing. I thought I wasn't gonna write exams out of secondary school. But soon my parents picked up back I started a new school and I wrote waec and jamb, immediately I did enter a university. But some of my mates who were in school and didn't have to drop out are still not in good, so while I was hating myself and wishing to be like them, time made me stand out.

 We hate ourselves sometimes that it's not working for us, it's not moving for us, but it's moving for our friends and our friends are  more qualified than us. Doesn't it just happen that sometimes we feel our friend uses another power that isn't Jesus power (smiles), but this is the truth and it is that "There Is No Competition in destiny" if it's gonna happen for you it just happens, and it happens that sometimes you don't even put in so much work to get it. And everything already has a set time, we get so frustrated we don't see it, but your life is not in any way a competition with anyone, same way the smell of your poop isn't a competition with anyone. Your strength, your ability, your inabilities it's all you, all uniquely you, for every things you feel your friend has better than you look closely there is something he/she lacks that is present in your life. That is what brings our equality and the fact that we are not complete makes us realise how ultimately important this quote is "we rise by lifting others". So stop it, stop hating yourself for not getting what your friends have, stop biting yourself for being a little slower than your friend in timing. And it dosent matter how much time it takes to get there , it dosent matter how much failures, how much discouragement as long as you still win, no one is gonna remember they were once bullying you. So this coach pens down heartfelt messages to the public and I think you need to read this too.
"Today, I matriculated. Seven years after leaving high school. Most of my mates have served and some doing their Masters, and some even done with it..But today I am matriculating. Do I feel bad? Unaccomplished? NO. Why?Because I understand the concept of personal timing. Barack Obama became president in his 40’s. Trump became president in his 60's.It's makes no sense to compare yourself with people who have different timelines.
We are five hours ahead of some countries, doesn't mean they won't experience the new day we are in.

Besides, your mates might have what you lack, but you also have what they lack.

I just matriculated, but I have had a promising and uprising brand as a motivational speaker and life coach, and writer. Sometimes I've had to coach some graduates.

In essence, we have specific times.
You might get into the varsity after 10 years of leaving high school, but in that ten years you got a job that your mate who got into school earlier might not have even after graduating.

Your mates are married? Some of them don't have kids for 7 years of marriage, but you just got married and the next year you have a baby..

You see?

In the absence of what your mates have, there's a presence of something they don't have.
You have pride in your time.

The sun shines at day, doesn't mean the moon won't shine by night.

I have never regretted my life or ever felt like I'm unaccomplished because of the feats of my mates. Because I know who I am. I measure my life with God's time.

In His time, He makes all things beautiful. Not in the time of your agemate or classmate.

For me, there couldn't have been a better time to matriculate than now! See your blessings that way. They never come late, they come just at when it was purposed to come, and you'll live a happy life. No blessing is ever late. Society might make it seem late, but God gives at the appointed time.

There's so much peace you are going to feel when you stop using the success of others to compare yourself, you gonna feel love, you gonna feel on top and you are gonna have patience to wait for your time.
The sky is big enough for everyone, some fly, good for them, some run, good for them, some walk, good for them. But if you crawling as long as you are still moving, you are going to get there, celebrate others and you are going to be celebrated, maybe not so fast but soon you will.

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  1. Dope. This reminds me if my own story. Everyone has a unique timeline. Wait for yours.

  2. I always admired people and desired the good things they had while growing up not knowing that God has a plan for everyone based on our timeline in his love and reading through this writeup, I have come to appreciate everthing that has happened to me thus far.

    1. No doubt, God's plan is always the best 😊.


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