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Monday, 9 April 2018

20 Popular Questions People Ask About Relationship

1. Why do good girls fall for bad guys? -Good girls fall for bad guys because they come with the approach every girl want,they come caring, handsome and morally complete meanwhile it's a facade but good girls don't see it because the bad guy knows what they want and give it to them, also sometimes the good guys are the broke and shy ones, the bad guy might be broke but isn't down to show it.

2. How do I know if my partner loves me? - sometimes it's hard to know if one really loves you but tiny little details that don't matter are really very important. If you partner loves you he puts you in priority, they are after your growth, they are committed to you and show worry  on every slightest pain you go through.

3. When is the right age to start dating - legally the right age is 18, but the world is changing and different cultures even permit people to start dating at any age feel is right .

4. Is sex love? - no never, love is a thing on its own, sex just comes In to play when the couple allow it

5. What should be the age difference between my partner and I?: 4 years is best, but highest I have seen is 10 years, doesn't  change anything if love and understanding is there and your partner is willing to settle down then shoot your shot.

6. My man/woman is cheating what do I do? - confront them, tell them you know, try to work it out. Keep them in the dark and they would continue. Note: confronting them doesn't mean they will stop cheating.

7. My best friend is in love with my man? - your man chose you, get it off. If he wanted your best friend, he would have gone after her. Confront her, but keep the communication limit between your man and her on guard

8. I don't have money, so I can't get a girlfriend? - money isn't a priority for love or dating, love is the plant, understanding waters it, trust is the manure and money is the scissors, can be used to trim to beautify or can be done without so if  she isn't on the money freaked side cool, but you need money to give her what she needs once in a while. Else someone is gonna take her, and don't blame her for it.

9. I love him, should I tell him - oh my God, no, you a lady, don't drop your standard. You could pass a little statement through your actions, don't say it. I would have said you should, but oops it's something I would never do, so don't don't don't 😊.

10. My heart is broken, what do I do-get up? - find  faith, find love(you accepting yourself and giving yourself reasons to be happy) , find forgiveness, walk down lonely paths, find peace and move on .

11. Who should spend in a relationship? - both, I repeat both, don't be a burden to your boyfriend. You are a girlfriend not a burden . Present your man with business plans and not with weave-on pictures .

12. Religion difference - oops hard one, seek advise from your older religious masters, especially when you are a female.

13. My partner is acting strange - give them time, talk to them., let them know bad or worst you would be there

14. love waxing cold-normal- couples are easily freaked about each other the first week of love. But it's a relationship, find more reasons to love them daily.

15. I want my partner back? - do they want you back? if no move on.

16. My parents are against my relationship? - your parents are not gonna be the one living with your partner, find out their reason, explain to them why you want this person. And if they don't bend, seek advise from an unbiased person to know if you should keep up with the relationship .

17. My partner said if we don't have sex we can't continue the relationship - such relationship shouldn't be continued  because if your partner criteria for loving you is going into you please fall out, it's not love.

18. How do I go through a breakup? - same way you get through a bad day or a betrayal. Your music, your support system, and your motivation routine. (there is a post about motivating yourself, you can read it to know more about your  motivation routine)

19. Am single all my friends are dating 😢? -you are not your friends, don't jump and fall. in all patience, calmness and readiness wait for it, don't act too desperate.

20. My ex wants me back-why did they let you go in the first place, if you are already in a relationship, then you shouldn't give it a second thoughts if you are not and you feel your ex is the one then Goodluck.

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