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Wednesday, 28 March 2018



Once, there was a man, who had bad shoes and look tattered, he hated the life he lived. Then, he met a perfect stranger, nice shoes, great suit, great hair cut and a great smile. The stranger said hi to him out of courtesy but the man was jealous and walked out, ignoring the greeting. He went under a tree and sincerely prayed to be like the stranger he just met, his wish was granted. He had nice shoes, great suit, great hair cut and a great smile, he tried to get up to explore his new life but he couldn't stand up for the good looking stranger he wished to be like was paralyzed thus he became paralyzed too. A man came to carry him home in a wheel chair, he saw the perfect stranger who could now walk but was in tattered clothes and ugly shoe still being appreciative of his new life and he regretted his wishes.

There is nothing so beautiful and amazing than the life you are living right now, but we are not thankful enough, most of us would give our current life in exchange for the life of someone else, we feel is better than ours. If you are a shoe size 38,take a day in a shoe size 41 and see how your day goes.

Being thankful is no longer an attitude, it should be a lifestyle. We compare ourselves so much with people who we don't know, with people who create a facade, with people who package their self to the public, with people who have 1million Instagram followers but have 0kobo in their bank account. Just as our lunch is not compromised, gratitude should always be uncompromised , accept who you are and work hard for where you want to be but be thankful.

Wake up and smile, look at yourself in the mirror and say, thank God it is Monday or whatever day of the week it is and say to yourself;
 "I am beautiful, I am strong, I am amazing, the world is still so Beautiful because am in it, I have a flat ass so I don't gas out , my eyes are small, but bigger visions, am short I don't need to bend, am tall, i'm an amazing athlete, no storm can hit me because I am a storm !" 
you know, you just need to love your poop and shout it out, embrace it, appreciate it, claim it, noise it. Gratitude over complain, gratitude over sadness, gratitude over regrets, gratitude over bad breakup, gratitude over abuse, gratitude over failure because sometimes what we need isn't what we get but what we get is far better. So who is living, let him be thankful. 
It is easier to be thankful that someone did you a favour, or to be thankful about people in our life, so why don't we channel all the actions we take into forcing people to like us and into appreciating people into appreciating ourselves because we can't appreciate others sincerely if we are not thankful about us, about our living, if you always want to be happy, love yourself, appreciate yourself, Grateful people are happy people, research shows.

So why don't you take this attitude of gratitude, inculcate it and see how much you are great fun you will have as a person, well, if you make it part of your goals this year, by the end of two months if you keep practicing it you are sure going to be very happy with your new living.


  1. Wow
    Inspiring. This author has actually revealed my insight in another form.
    Kudos I hope to read more from you.

  2. this article is a motivation to me.....nice work


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