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Saturday, 20 January 2018


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Here are tips you can use to improve and maintain motivation.
For any new project, however, the first three tips should always be done to improve your chance of success and help maintain motivation.

1. Know what you want to achieve— If you don’t know what you want to achieve, how will you know when you achieve it? Deciding exactly what you want to do is the beginning of staying motivated to finish it.

2. Determine the steps to reach your goal— There are things you need to do for anything you want to do. Knowing what the steps are will give you a guideline. They’ll also give you mini successes as you complete each step.

3. Devise a plan—Though there may be many steps to take, it is necessary to know in what order you need to achieve them. If possible, alternate between those that are easy to achieve and those that will take longer. This way, you don’t go through long periods of time without completing part of your plan. It will help you feel more successful if you complete parts of the plan often.

Goals provide focus. With no guiding plan, people tend to drift. Goals also provide a measuring device for progress, enhance productivity, improve self-esteem, and increase commitment, so you're more likely to achieve whatever you set out to conquer.

4. Increase the challenge of your project— If you’re lacking motivation to do anything, try something you've never done before. Simply the thought of doing something new and exciting can give us temporary motivation.

5. Remember success is your personal responsibility— You need to believe that initiative, effort, and persistence are key factors in achieving success. Too many times, individuals are more likely to view success as dependent on available resources and situational constraints. They simply say the task was too difficult for outside reasons. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and it is your responsibility to find it.

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6. Think of demanding tasks as opportunities— When facing a task where success is uncertain, think of it a challenge or an opportunity. Don’t think of them threats that may lead to failure and embarrassment. This causes you to give up before you start.

7. Remember striving for achievement can be enjoyable—Perseverance pays off. Approaching each task with dedication, concentration, commitment and involvement can help you maintain motivation. You may find you enjoy it, and the obstacle isn’t nearly as difficult as you figured it to be.

8. Learn to value achievement striving— If you value hard work in and of itself, you’ll enjoy it more, and therefore, be more motivated. Unfortunately, too many people view it as not “cool.” Their typical excuse is that working too hard may only keep them from having a social life, or even cause them to have a heart attack. What it really does, however, is lead to success and happiness in their lives.

9. Improve your skills— sometimes you may have a goal that you don’t have the necessary skills to achieve. Don’t give up! Skills can be improved. Sometimes all it takes is practice.

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10. Learn what you need to learn—If information is keeping you from achieving your goals, determine ways to fill in the gaps, and build this into your action plan. Be willing to study and work hard to reach  your goals.

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