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Sunday, 5 November 2017


an open letter to the girl child
Dear girl child, 
Being born in a world
where there is gender discrimination
might put you in a lot of Disadvantages, 
It might destabilize you or limit your dreams,
It might force you to bend so hard you might want to break ,
It might force you to lose yourself or your value,
It might make you think about how weak you are. 

In addition, how unfortunate the world has made you become
but there is no world without you
The multiplicity in the world is all because of you
You are a great nation when you embrace your strength 
But a weak army when you see your limitations. 

Rubies are found in dark sand
And so is the most unrefined girl child 
Victory is found in her .
You are the pillar, to most successful men's wealth 
And the mother to every nurtured man

In you lies dreams no other one has
Only you carry the ability to multitask 
And still stand firm
Your victory has no limitations.
In years to come you will reach beyond the sky 
And above what is in it 
Those who fail to educate  you 
Fail  to educate a future .
Those who fail to let you build your dreams 
Fail to build up a kingdom.

But to the girl child out there
Don't let anybody stop you from doing it 
They can't do it so they want to stop you 
They see you as unequal 
Yes we are not equal, we are fierce, 
Strong, independent ,and unequal.

You can't see that we are 
Until you raise one
We are the foundations of the society
The cheerleaders in every family 
The corner stone in every organization.
We are the girl child
We are worth more than you see us
We are human 
We are worth more than you think 
Train one and see.

Give them a house they will make a home
Give them a man they will make a family 
Give them money they make profit
Give them their right
They make a successful nation.

I am a girl child 
We are no lesser than you are
We are your future 
We get you into right living 
With every word from our mouth
Soar, run, fly.

Dear girl child do not stop. 
Until you achieve that which you must
Go through the fire 
And come out without being burnt 
Let your name go beneath and beyond the borders
Make them search for you 
Make them ask of you
Let your name be heard
And let your sound of victory be more than drums rolls
When they ask who you are
Just say that which you are,
I am a girl 
Who are you?


  1. The truth they say is bitter but not according to this write-up, this is one truth about the girl child and women in general is no bitter at all ..keep it up.


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