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Sunday, 8 October 2017


Ever felt like you have been betrayed and there's no way out, that feeling when the people you trusted most stabbed you hard.Worst thing  about betrayal is, it comes from people we think are our flashlight "friends" and we can't talk about how we feel at that moment of betrayal,yes we want to scream, we want to let go of the sweet thought we had about this people but the funny thing about memories is  they don't go when you want, they are always there and we can always pretend like they don't exist especially, the bitter sweet memories. We want to yell but yell at who? at ourselves for trusting, or at our emotions for betraying us? We all get hurt badly. And yeah I have had my own share, I was broken, all fingers pointed at me like I was the one who was the bad person, the people who hurt you start acting like the victim it gives you doubt about  yourself and you begin to ask where did you go wrong, but dear you didn't go wrong, it wasn't you, it just wasn't you.

emotional betrayal

  I could sit in front of the television Screen watching wrestling, it is too violent but then I could die over the charisma of one person because he spoke deep words and I held onto his saying. The ones who are meant to protect you are the ones you should fear most. Well, well ,that was right. Somehow,we all face betrayal and we beat ourselves about it, drop our daily routine, and fall into depression but how about we start trying this:
  1. Make Noise:cry, scream, shout, hit that drum hard, strum that guitar bad, play that piano sad,just let it out in your bed, the pain we feel shouldn't be held in, scream until you lose the voice .shout it out,let go of it all. Scream till you say all and there are no more, hit that drum hard till the sticks breaks and your hand aches,strum that guitar so hard you might want to cry bad,it is all your emotions do this thing  because come on, no one understands the pain better than you maybe they have been through it but they only know how they felt not how you are feeling. So shout the word let go of those emotions .  
  2. Buy flowers & chocolate: flowers show love and affection .chocolate is a good junkie to get you into the grooviest mood, and you might want to  get these things so often to appreciate yourself and tell yourself how awesome you are and what those who betrayed you lost, get those flowers, go on a holiday and discover how nature can be a best  friend,watch that  movie,laugh at that old school guy,constantly buy those flowers and say to yourself  "oh,my God am this special, someone's getting me flowers always". 
  3. Forgive: its easy to say I forgive but hard to act it out, forgive those who sincerely hurt you and forgive yourself, after a betrayal we all get to hate ourselves for not looking close enough or well enough to see this was going to happen. But if things happen the way we Want where's the fun in life and whose story are we going to tell, love yourself more, love the fairy tale, love the new story that was added to your life, laugh over every new betrayal until it becomes something to sincerely laugh about, act and walk in forgiveness,walk forward and keep up with your daily routine, move on with life and honor yourself too much to give a new friend a try.  
  4. Spend time with family:-family is one place to bring back the love you think you  have lost, they have this thing of affection, knowing you are saved, loved,valued and respected, make a mark in your heart  that you want to forget every contrary feeling ,they might have had no idea what you went through or are going through but they have a way  of coming out with a comfort that brings out a sincerely deep lost Laughter. 
  5. Constantly remind  yourself how awesome you are. Remind yourself, your friends forgot but you didn't forget. You are strong, you are wise, you are worth beyond priceless. "you can't be perfect nobody, is perfect but there is no body in the world like you," Titiana Monaois. And the world is still so beautiful because you are in it, so yes! Remind yourself how right you are . 
  6. Be bold:- just because your were just betrayed and you are in this deep depression doesn't mean you should dull the sparkle,you never know who's looking so yeah shine your shine, come out bold, you living and you will keep on living, don't let them think they ended your life by leaving you, wake up and shine, get into the shower, make that teeth white, dress smart, neat and awesome,walk out of that door, chin up and give them some bold moves.
Until a new week,enjoy the plate of food life serves you, don't hate life for the food, if it gives you limes make smiles, if it gives you lemons make melons and when life happens smile forward enjoy the week in a wavy bold level.

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