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Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Sitting in the dark with closed window and closed door.I hear stories, I hear tales. Is it really nothing special? I want to experience it, am stuck on a journey but I know not a road,  send me on a trail and I would come back with experience.

    Many parents randomly lock their children up for reasons best known to them. They lock up these teens with the right intention but being done In a wrong way.every teenager want to experience the outside world,they want to know the exaggerated stories out there,they want to see, feel and talk about it but are not allowed to do so because they are caged and restricted.
  Over the years, some parents have justified this act by saying it is for the safety of the child specifically the female child who is prone to rape and other sexual assault,
 Other parents have also said they do that cause of fear, fear of the child making the same mistake they made and to cover them from the outside world so they won't be wrongly influenced.
   All these parentts' fear won't stop the teenager from becoming wayward afterall you can raise a teen right and he/she will decide to go the wrong way. Its not how much you cage a child that determines how well the child grows but basic important home training.


  Parents I need you to know that you caging the child will make them want to see what it is you are caging them from,they will grow eager and that curiosity will make them start breaking rules. its just a matter of time. you might start to feel bad that your children start disobeying or breaking rules but then it is in the nature of every teenager to want to explore. Be your children's best friend! I repeat be your children's best friend! again be your children's best friend! it doesn't take a day to gain their trust it takes time, dedication and patience but you have to want to do this for it to work and come to a point where your children can tell you their worst problems and challenges.arrange family picnic or get together, explore with them go on a journey with them allow them have their fun you can be with them and watch them, you won't have to be scared of them falling into the wrong hands, you just have to learn to trust them to make right decisions as long as you raised them well.
Teenagers are gifts, if you understand and love them things would easily fall into place .this week promise yourself to love your teens against all odd, laugh at their mess and correct them. Invite their friends over and throw a little party for the teens,hangout with them tell them tales and stories.


 Show your child how much you love them and soon you are going to be thankful you did.

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