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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Goal setting

Goal setting is important for many reasons. When you set goals you can see forward progress,you have something to look forward to, and they help create ambition. You must set goals in order to achieve them. When you set goals the best thing you can do is attach a date on different milestones.

Take a specific goal of your passion and attach a completion date to it. Upon a completion date, you will then break down your goal into many steps to get you there. Each of these steps are milestones. You might consider putting a date on each milestone based upon how long they will take you to get to. These might be estimated dates and you might be off by a day or two.

 However, one milestone may be accomplished quicker than another so it can put you back on track. Working by using a goal method gives you something to look forward to. The best thing you can do is reward yourself at the end of each goal or you may be seeing the reward as you are getting closer to your passion actually happening. When you are working toward a completion date you are more likely to work on the goal rather than say I plan on getting it done eventually. A date makes the goal more real.

Goals with milestones allow you to see the forward progress you are making toward achieving your goal. You might consider making a chart with the dates and step attached to it. Break down each step with tasks you need to complete and things that need to be done. As you reach each milestone you will be closer to reaching your goal. The closer you get to achieve your true passion the more ambition you will have to live out the dream and make it happen. If you need to brush up on your skills first then take a few classes. These classes will be a part of your milestones and steps to get to where you want to get to. As you complete each one then you will have completed a milestone and closer. If your goals include steps that are very difficult to do and require a lot of hard work on your part do not be afraid to reward yourself for getting to where you are in your project. Buy a bottle of wine and take the night off and celebrate for reaching a goal. Do something to treat yourself for your hard work. You deserve it and you are worth it. Any project you decide to tackle or endeavor you want to achieve you need to design it as a goal with a breakdown of the steps to get to the goal. This will make the goal look so much easier to get to and you will work harder to achieve it. In addition, you have a way to measure just how close you are to actually making it happen in your life what you have always dreamed of.                           Thanks for reading


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