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Monday, 26 June 2017

5 Steps to Begin a Weight Loss Program

Getting started on a weight loss program is often exciting and scary at the same time. On the one hand, it feels like a brand new beginning and on the other, you may feel overwhelmed that there is so much to do and you don’t know where to start. This article will give you 5 crucial steps that you absolutely must have in place before embarking on a weight loss program. Getting these right will make all the difference between success and failure. The hard truth is that the majority of people give up on their weight loss goal once the initial excitement starts to wane and the going gets tough. To prevent this from happening, the first step that you need to take will be to define your why. 1. Writing down your ‘why’ There must be a reason that you’ve decided to lose weight and the reason is almost always an emotional one. Maybe you want to look good for your partner. Maybe you’re attending a high school reunion and want to turn heads at the event. Or you could have young children and you want to stay healthy for them. Whatever the case may be, there is a reason somewhere deep down in your heart. Your job is to discover what it is and write it down. This may seem like an insignificant step… but it’s the MOST important one. During times when you’re feeling down and the results are not coming fast enough, you will be able to look at your ‘why’ and keep going. The juice must be worth the squeeze and if your why is strong enough… you will stay the course. 2. Tracking your progress This is another important step. Weigh yourself on a scale and write down your weight. You should also take photos of yourself before embarking on a weight loss program. Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your arms, thighs, waist, etc. All these will be very useful when tracking your future progress. Sometime the numbers on the scale may not tell the truth because while you may have lost fat, your body may have gained muscle. In times like these, the photos you take will serve as a good indicator of your progress. 3. Plan your training program You will need a mix of strength training and cardio in your workouts. You may also wish to include some flexibility training and meditation. Plan out when you will do the different exercises and what you’ll be doing. It’ll be a good idea to plan it all a week in advance so that when the day comes, you go to the gym with a plan to execute. You do not want to be walking around the gym aimlessly just using whatever machines are available. 4. Cleaning up your diet Over 80 percent of your efforts should be spent on watching your diet. You want to eat clean food that has all the nutrients that your body craves. Most people become overweight because of poor food choices. It will be good to start a food journal to see where you’re slipping. Slowly and surely eliminate all these negative food choices and aim to eat clean. It will be an uphill task. In fact, this is the most difficult part of losing weight. Changing your eating habits is imperative to losing the excess pounds and keeping them off. 5. Motivating yourself Last but not least, do watch weight loss motivational videos or read motivational books. You can find these videos on YouTube. Look at body transformation pictures, etc. Constantly exposing yourself to positive information will keep you interested and on track. It is inevitable to lose motivation every now and then. This step will help you keep going even when you’re running on fumes. Implement these 5 steps and your weight loss program will be successful and you will reap the rewards. Thanks for reading ♡♥.

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