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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

10 life changing tips on Confidence


Tip 1: Have a purpose – know whatyou want confidence for. By having a purpose you become more decisive and action oriented to make the necessary changes.

 Tip 2:   Dream big – allow yourself to have big desires, big dreams. With confidence,you can live the kind of life that you want and have been dreaming of.

 Tip 3:  Believe in yourself – believe you have confidence and you will perform better,you will feel happier and you will bounce back from any setbacks much more effectively.

 Tip 4 :100 % responsibility – accept that you are responsible for where you are now and where you can be. It is fruitless to blame and complain about the things you are not happy about.

 Tip 5:  Stretegy – develop and implement strategies to becoming confident. Make plans and set effective goals.If a strategy doesn’t give you the desired outcome, learn from it and change your direction.

 Tip 6 :Thinking habits – be in charge of your thinking habits by having confident thoughts. Keep thinking of your confident goal as much aspossible, and have that goal in sight as much as possible.

 Tip 7:  Perseverance – daily pursue your dream to become confident. When you face challenges and setbacks, learn from them and move on. Be motivated and remain determined to achieve self-confidence.

 Tip 8:  Learning – every evening, record the day’s events in a diary or journal. Write down your day’s actions and what outcome they produced. Learn from them to ensure progress towards your goal.

 Tip 9:  Bite-sized pieces – break down your goals and actions into smaller and more manageable tasks. This way you will remain motivated to pursue your goal to becoming confident.

 Tip 10: Excellence – make that decision to become confidently unstoppable as you strive to be the best that you can be in all areas of your life.


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