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Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Its the day of convocation, every graduate is basking in the euphoria of the day. After months and years of burning the midnight candle for those who could and storming the brain semester by semester with information that most times you wonder if they are relevant; seeing as all of it finally paid of with the receiving of degrees as earned by the graduate, only few really think beyond that moment of euphoria about the question, what next? For others it takes a while afterwards to ask same question, now what next?

For some, its easy to know where to place the next foot in pursuit of their goals while some for some due to some factors its not so clear cut. You dont need statistics or anyone to tell you that the country produces more graduates than they can provide jobs for. On top of this, some that are already employed becomes unemployed because the company wants to reduce its number of workers. Its depressing to see the effects of unemployment on the general population of the country.

Graduates gradually lose their enthusiasm after months or years of looking for employment. Imagine ten thousand graduates fighting for just fifty available work slots in a company, what happens to the remaining nine thousand, nine hundred and fifty individuals? So the dog chase continues. So how do we help ourselves?

I am a keen advocate of purpose and potential. Every individual is unique therefore we all have peculiar ideas that are specific to us and if we have a little bit of courage and belief in those potentials we will fulfill our purpose. Since the government and the country we place so much hope and trust in are incapable of helping us we should help ourselves with what we have been given.
If you take enough time away from the concerns and worries of no employment and less cash and search you will find what will elevate you from that point of helplessness.

As an undergraduate or a graduate, take a time off and check yourself to know what you are good at, what you enjoy doing and what you are passionate about knowing that the education you have received only gives you an edge and enlarges your horizon but the paycheck after can hardly put food on your table. Therefore being reliant on just the time you get a paycheck defeats the purpose of having potentials.  When you have figured out what you have within you that you enjoy doing then you learn how to monetize it.

I have seen that very wealthy people didn't get their money knowledge from the classrooms but from believing hard enough in what they can do amidst controversies and skepticism. To monetize your potentials you have to:

1: develop the potential you have:
raw materials have potentials but they cant be useful till they have been refined. Find books about it, find people already in the field, practice till you are better at it. You have to be very good at what you do to convince another to take a shot at it.

2: find your market:
Which sector of the population will what you have meet their need? Its all about meeting a particular need. So you do your research. Find how what you have can solve a problem.

3: packaging:
How you package and present what you have makes the difference. Dont do the expected. Give your mind to explore and believe it enough to present it.

you can learn a skill. There are so many needs and there are so many ways to meet it. There are schools where you can learn vocational skills. You be sought after because of the quality of your products. There are people who are gurus in baking, bead making, interior designs, exterior designs e.t.c. some developed an innate potential while others learnt a fresh skill and became great at it.

Stop waiting for the droplets of job opportunities that the government provide when it suits them. You can do it if you believe in your God given ability, you can be your own boss, an employer of labor even the The Holy Bible says "a man's gift makes room for him and brings him before great men".

Thanks for reading. 😘

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  1. learning some online skills is a great asset to me.

  2. Very good article. You can't wait an opportunity to come to you, you need to come to it.

    1. Yes... That's what some people fail to understand.

  3. This makes me think about my work from home journey when I started. It took a job letting me go to take the steps and courage to invest in something for me. Until this day, I'm happy I did.

    1. Wow...congrats.
      Starting from somewhere is the beginning of life. I'm glad you took the step.

  4. Where there is a will, there is a way and we should never stop trying :) I have to say this post is very inspiring and I believe it will help many people find their way.

    1. I'm inspired... You made my day. Thanks bro ♡.

  5. Very impressive.. This situation is what every graduate comes face to face with.. Learning new skills is so important

  6. That picture is so apt and describes the reality we live in...I always advocate for having a treasure trove of skills...that's definitely the way to go

  7. That picture is so apt and describes our reality....Having extra skills that can be monetized is the way to go

  8. I agree with this post. When I first finished university it took me a few months before I started my first job. During that time, I used the resources that I had to learn a new skill. It's important that graduates don't feel hopeless. They can apply to gap year programs or teaching programs to get some experience. www.healthyliving894.com


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