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Monday, 22 May 2017


Human beings are one of the most dynamic creations of God therefore to walk and work with each other require some stellar qualities in both parties. Some people are born with innate wisdom that come with leadership while others acquire the qualities through daily encounters. Either ways there are qualities that qualifies one to be a leader. In our society today, there are so many people who abuse their seat of authoriy in the name of being a leader, they are ignorant of the fact that being a leader in any respect is a trust and a responsibility, they think being in a position of power makes you indefatigable or makes others less than you. Every great leader understands that he is in a position to make a positive difference in the lives of people, because of this, wisdom and discretion is applied in all affairs combined with suitable amount of fairness.
How someone in authority treats his surbodinates affects the results they produce and the attitude with which the results are produced. You can never please everyone. Infact there are people that will swear with whatever they hold dear to frustrate your place as a leader. Those kind of people always find fault no matter how hard you try. So the leader  extraordinaire knows what and how to handle every unique individual.


1: PATIENCE: a great leader learns to be patient with any age category bearing in mind that people have different levels of understanding and should be handled at the level they get it the most. He learns forbearance and having an even temper that no matter how stressed and tired he is, it doesnt affect his mood in front of his subjects especially to the point of lashing out unnecessarily.

2: BENEVOLENCE: a great always shows acts of kindness in both the big and small things. They are generally good at heart never counting it as degrading to help a beggar or wipe the nose of a small child or give a hug to someone who needs it  or give a shoulder for a good cry or give an ear for someone to pour out their heart. Its innate to be benevolent for them.

3: SELF-RESTRAINT: people have a tendency of being annoying and it takes self-control not to lash out in anger or make ultimatums that you could regret later. They dont indulge in orgies that leads to defamation of character. They have mastered the act of self continence that things that can sway mere mortals xant get a reaction from them.

4:FAITHFULNESS: a great leader is reliable and makes his words his bond. He never says what he doesnt mean, never makes promises he is incapable of keeping. The people he leads knows that he will always do whats within his power to keep his word. You can always count on him to come through. He is dependable and trustworthy.

5: LOVE: above all, love is the bond of perfection. To be an extraordinaire leader there must be love for humanity. From love every other quality sprouts.

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