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Saturday, 27 May 2017


From Grey to Grey we walked each other home, from week to week we talked smile into each other days ,We haven't seen for a while and we are not ourselves.I don't know what this feeling is but it gives me butterfly At day and memories that accompany me at night. Teenagers involved in relationship is an issue that has been rampant over the year.As time goes on most people who find themselves in the early teenhood start looking forward to having a relationship other than friendship with the opposite sex and start confusing love for lust and the high rate of this increases year by year . These teenagers are sometimes normally influenced by friends, family background and a little show of kindness from the opposite sex. Going into a relationship when your mind is not matured enough to handle causes heartbreak and character defects that last a long time. This teens become rude from the outside because they are struggling within. A young teenager once said "I walk in the rain so no one knows am crying". Who is to be blamed for this young teenagers going emotionally bankrupt,where did the parents go wrong,where should they start from? Parents showing your children an act of kindness and love won't do you any harm. Some parents dont even realize that their kids are suffering emotionally when they pay more attention to the kids mistake than achievement. Take time once in a while to tell your child how Pretty or handsome they are, my mum never stopped believing In any of her kids, if we fall she took it upon herself to keep praising us and tell us we can rise. If what your child gets from you everyday is the same thing he/she gets from outside they wouldn't need to look outside . Make your teens realise what love is at this early stage help them know that real love entials giving forgiving,a little act of kindness and not the opposite sex teach them to build love for themselves so they can love others better. Help them to know achievement in life is not by how many guys gives you money or how many pretty girls you can have. Take time to understand your children. Teenagehood is one of the most hardest period of formation of a child and shout out to those parents who are doing just fine with work and character modulation in there teenagers. Teenage love is not real love do not harass your kid when you find out they are in this act rather tell them the danger of it . We find ourselves in a world where teenagers listen to friends advise more than family advise but parents can make a change when its not too late. Say no to teenage dating and give them more homly love,seek to understand them,love and respect them,treat their friends nice.pray for your kids always and let them.know your heart and thoughts are always with them. Thanks for reading ♡♥

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