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There are mistakes people make in relationships which make it not to eventually lead to marriage. Most of the times, the both parties go separate ways after being together for so long.
When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is definitely inevitable. When two parties agree to be in a relationship, there should be a definition of the purpose of the relationship, if marriage is the end goal or both of them want to play around or play the field or just see where the relationship is going to. An understanding of the purpose of the relationship will erase any form of assumption from either party.
It’s never advisable to go into a relationship without definition of the purpose. The aftereffects of going into a relationship without a purpose is, at the end of the day both parties will have a wakeup call and realise they no longer want to be with each other and they go separate ways, thereby wasting precious time they would have utilized in a meaningful relationship.
The Holy Bible says “get wisdom and in all thy getting, get understanding.” Wisdom is the application of knowledge. So many young people know zilch about how the opposite think and act, they understand them based on their own personal psychological make-up. Young people forget that male and females are polar opposite of each other therefore they need to be understood without judgement. Male and female keep having gender issues because of lack of knowledge and understanding of the peculiarities of the opposite sex. A woman should understand that a man is more logical than emotional and is mostly a creature of few specific words while the men should understand women are more of emotional than logical beings, so little things can make them cry or angry, and they always need attention, also they are creatures of many words.
Ego/pride has ruined so many relationships. An act as simple as admission of wrong or saying sorry or even using the word please have wrecked so many relationships because both parties or one party always concentrates on self instead of the relationship and the other person. When we think of each other instead of ourselves, it becomes easier to put ego away for the sake of the relationship.
This may be hard for most of us to accept, but getting sexually involved resurrects a lot of insecurities especially in the females. The males try to tag sex as a way of showing love and affection but I disagree with it. If getting sexually involved guarantees love, what happens when the passion of the sex fizzles out? There should be more to relationships than sex. In this our age and time where sex in relationship is normal, its seen as out dated and archaic, but it still doesn’t change the fact that getting sexually involved before marriage is not spiritually acceptable.
Assumptions kill relationship very fast. Communication strengthens relationships. One of the very worst things that can destroy relationships is assuming anything. It doesn’t take so much to clarify things. Asking questions of things you are not clear about will help you resolve so many things. It’s better to ask questions than to assume. Most of the times what we think we know is not actually the right information until you have confirmed it. You are not right until the information you have on your partner is confirmed. Never allow assumption ruin the trust in your relationship.


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